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I just built a little gaming computer and i need some advice on the power supply since the coolermaster extremepower 600w isn't doing the job.

I have an e6550, gigabyte p35 ds3L, 4 gig of some a data ram ddr2 800 (terrible ram? got good reviews on newegg) I have 2 300gig western digitals on IDE and one SATA 250 gig Maxtor and lastly an xfx 8800gt 600.

I'm going to fry's electronics in Tempe, Arizona. Just missed the sale of the Tagan ITZ 700w for 79.99 +30 mail in rebate. They don't carry ton's of brands i know antec is available, corsair, that tagan is probably there. Anyway I'm not too concerned about the brand I just want it to work. What should i look for on the side of the PSU? I plan on going SLI later on with a 780i board and plan on going quad core all by summer time. So i need some room for expansion. Thanks for the help!
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  1. PSU's:
    I have one, and really like it. (nearly silent)
    Have heard some very good things about this one.
  2. Correction: One does not "shop" for computer parts, rather one "purchases" computer parts. You are not a fat, middle aged, suburbanite mom "shopping" at a fabric store.

  3. hahaha you are correct. I will be purchasing a power supply today....

    I am pretty sure that zalman is not at frys at the moment, that corsair im hoping its however. I've heard good things as well.

    How do you read the total A per 12v rail? some PSU like this crappy cooler master that wont let me play cod4 says 12v 18A , says it twice.

    Is the Antec EarthWatts 600W > any good for this kind of setup?
  4. If you visit they do a pretty good job of listing all the specifications of power supplies. They will say on the spec sheet how many amps are their on each rail.

    This is the posting for the EarthWatts 500W

    I am sure the 600W is similar if not identical to that. 600 watts is plenty for your power supply.
  5. hey just made my purchase about 4 hrs ago.

    It was a toss up between a corsair HX550W or a Tagan ITZ 700W

    settled for

    got it for 90 bucks. Solid deal i think.
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