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G31 vs G33 vs G35 vs Q35

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June 11, 2008 7:13:22 PM

Hey folks. I'm putting an E8400, 2 x 2Gb PC2-6400 ram and an 8800 GT on a m-ATX board and need to know what the difference between the G31, G33, G35 and Q35 chipsets are?
Basically I'm interested in the best performance/price ratio.

Thanks in advance.

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June 11, 2008 7:25:58 PM

Quote from Toms

We had asked all of the large motherboard manufacturers to send us their latest products based on Intel's integrated G33 chipset. This core logic product largely equals the P35, supporting FSB1333 and DDR2 memory together with the latest ICH9 Southbridge
June 11, 2008 7:29:22 PM

I have an Asus P5k-VM G33/ICH9 board with an e2160 in a 2nd machine.

Does 300x9 with onboard with out issue, corrupt graphics at 333

does 333x9 with PCI-E card installed with ease, didn't try faster
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June 11, 2008 7:31:27 PM

Well, the reason i ask is that i simply can't find a big difference between the four chipsets.
The price vary a bit tho.
June 11, 2008 7:36:05 PM

I think the main difference is that G31 ties with the ich8, but i may be very wrong,

G31 with the ich9, but they both had poor built in graphics, so intel have a new gpu which they used in the G35. There is a new g45 due soon too.

I was looking for a bid range board which is why I went with the G33 the machine is only used as a PVR using Vista MC so the only 3d work it does is Aero
June 11, 2008 7:40:09 PM

Ok, seeing as I'm not gonna use the onboard graphics i can take that out of the consideration.
June 11, 2008 7:40:43 PM

must it be micro atx?
June 11, 2008 7:42:46 PM

I guess the G45 are gonna let us have the first m-ATX boards with PCI-E 2.0.
June 11, 2008 7:43:41 PM

you won't get a perfomance hit using pcie <2.0 I have a P35 with a 8800Gt and it flies
June 11, 2008 7:51:57 PM

Thanks a lot! That cleared up some things!
I was gonna go with an ASUS P5E-VM HDMI as that was the only one sporting a G35 chipset.
Gonna find me a G33 board now, prob Gigabyte.

Cheers ;) 
June 11, 2008 7:55:59 PM

the Gigabyte G33 board is rumoured to run very hot...

June 11, 2008 8:00:01 PM

panicatak said:
the Gigabyte G33 board is rumoured to run very hot...

Ok, that might be a problem as its getting crammed in my case.
June 11, 2008 8:01:09 PM

The Asus doesn't S3, which is a pita as I use mine as a pvr

The Msi is supposed to be the best all rounder
June 14, 2008 7:37:18 PM

Sorted out the S3 issue, now this board is 95% rated, if it had the ich9r then it would have been 100%
July 7, 2008 12:01:33 AM

Ivcc for G35 chipset is 15.5 A (from datasheet), this IC will be very hot!?