Overclocking DG31PR?

Hello everyone

Lately I have bought a new computer. I am not a gamer, but I like performance (on a low budget). My specs are:

Intel E7200 (2.53)
Intel DG31PR Mobo
4gb ram 5-5-5-15
Nvidia 9500GT
Stock cooling

And I have found no options whatsoever to overclock my E7200 with my specific motherboard.
I have read that this processor was extremely capable oc wise, and I wouldnt want to let it go to waste.
For now I am not willing to buy a new motherboard. I am aiming for a 'reasonable' oc at 3.16 ( I read it could be achieved by editing the fsb), and I require your help.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    While your CPU is very a capable overclocker, nearly all Intel original motherboards have their BIOS' locked and are unable to overclock.
    There was an article a few months back, The Best Overclocking Software, that has a few software solutions you may wish to explore. Odds are, however, you will need a new, non Intel original, motherboard in order to overclock. If you can, exchange your current board for an ASUS or Gigabyte alternative.
  2. Try upgrading your bios to the latest. It make have some features that let you change some of the CPU settings.

  3. well ive oced my e4500 on my intel dg31pr ,here is how u can

  4. You did see this thread was from 2009 not 2010, right?
    Please do not dig up dead threads.

    Also, software overclocking was covered in the link above....
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