Pentium Dual core or Celeron Dual core?

Hi I have a Dell E510 with a Pentium D 940 @ 3.2ghz and a 8800GT. I was playing games well (shooters like cod4 and crysis) but when I loaded up CnC3, there was a huge bottleneck. (performed way worse than a 7950GT) I could tell there was a bottle neck bec, during 3Dload, the temp didn't go up at all. (It stayed the same as the idle temp). Well it looks like I have to keep this rig for a while so I wanted to upgrade the processor. The mainboard is a I945G I think. But the problem is, the E510 don't have support for Core 2 Duo's. So I was hoping a Pentium dual core (E2200 2.2ghz allendale) or Celeron dual core E1400 2.0ghz would work with my E510 since they are not Core 2 Duo. Will any of them work? Also which would perform better and not cause to be a bottleneck to my 8800GT.
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  1. No. Both the Pentium dual core and Celeron dual core are still based on Core 2 architecture (they're not called "core 2 duo", but in all actuality they are indeed Core 2 Duo CPUs). Sorry.
  2. Oh dang it.
  3. How much do you have to spend and what do you already have? If you've already got everything else, you could probably get a whole new case, PSU, mobo and cpu for under 200 bucks. Maybe 150 if you really watch it. I think that about 160ish could get you a case with power supply, cheap board and sempron dual core. The case comes with a psu, not high name brand or anything but the ratings look good and it's only 50 bucks for both. The psu if i'm not mistaken is a 585 watt with dual 12v+ rails one rated for 20 amps, the other at 19. Never used one before, but if you have a low budget I might give it a shot. Because amd sempron dual cores are only 50 and a motherboard, could probably be had cheap, depending on how much you want to spend. I might look into that if it were me.
  4. nah I don't have enough money, and I have to buy all the software anyways. My dad won't like it.
  5. Hey there
    If your 940 is the SL95W and you wanna sell it for some cash towards your new build let me know. Perhaps we can work somethin out.... Dale
  6. if your motherboard doesn't support the core 2 cpus it will not support the pentium dual-core processor. peitium dual core and core 2 duo cpus are based on the same architecture.
  7. sorry, this is wrong. pentium d's run n 800mhz fsb. core 2 duos are generally 1033. but you can get both pentium dual cores AND core 2 duos at 800 mhz fsb. look for a pentium dual core e5200
  8. the I945G chipset supports the core2 duo, including the pentium and celeron class 65nm chips. I would contact dell to see if the bios supports those. If that is the case, this would be a nice upgrade
  9. Did you guys not notice your giving advice for a question from over a year ago?
  10. damn, necro-thread got me, lol
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