Cannot find lenovo licence key

I cannot find my licence key for lenovo vista
laptop.I do have product key only
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  1. If you don't have a sticker on the back of the laptop with it, and you can't get it though jellybean, contact Lenovo.
  2. thanks for your reply. I do have the product key number but I don't have the
    20 character licence key. I tried phoning lenovo but got fed up being shunted
    from one prompt to time I will record all numbers

  3. Only 20 characters? The only Vista licence key - the PID (Product IDentification) generated from the Product Key will show up in Control Panel>System on the General tab. I'm in XP at the moment and the PID is around 23 characters plus some dashes but have look to see if Vista has fewer.

    Matter of interest, why do you feel the need to know it? Is it an IBM/Lenovo thing and not a Vista licence you're looking for?

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