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Triple Boot

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June 24, 2009 10:00:54 PM

I have an old HDD from a Windows 95 machine. I would like to install it in my new computer below. I am already dual-booting XP and Win 7 on my SATA drive. If I connect the new drive on IDE as a slave, could I 1)recover old files and 2)boot into Win 95? The files are the major thing, but I would definitely like to run my old windows 95 games without the glitches associated with "compatibility" mode. Thanks.

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a c 127 G Storage
June 24, 2009 10:22:58 PM

You can plug in the drive and copy off data once you booted Windows 7. But you cannot boot Windows 95 on a new computer; you would need to re-install and no assurances there since you are on a new system.

Instead, focus on compatibility:
- do you need to use DOS-programs/games? Use DOSBOX.
- do you need to use Win32-programs/games? Use Windows 98SE in Virtualbox 3.0b.

No need to use Windows 95 i think, unless you have no license for Windows 98.
June 24, 2009 10:57:55 PM

You can access it just fine from XP as it's a FAT drive. You can then copy over your files and what not. You can set up your boot loader to attempt to boot win 95, but since that OS wasn't designed to handle modern hardware it will probably just keep crashing before you can do anything. If you really need to run win 95 use a virtual machine or something. There are lots of free ones, like the Sun xVM VirtualBox
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a c 161 G Storage
June 24, 2009 11:47:00 PM

I suspect you will find it a pain and beyond the scope of this forum.

Not to be rude, but the very fact that you have to ask suggests that it would be difficult for you to setup.

Really, there are Windows 95 games you wish to play?
June 25, 2009 12:34:08 AM

Well, I thought booting 95 was a stretch. At any rate, I had difficulty getting Myst to run under XP and I have some DOS text based games. Besides the compatibility issues, really just thought it would be an interesting challenge getting 95 to run on a new machine. I will try to recover those files and get those compatibility programs. Thanks.
a c 352 G Storage
June 25, 2009 5:50:11 PM

As stated you can easily transfer data rom Win 95 disk.

As to Dos and old games.
I have no problem runing programs that I developed using Basic professional using Dos 6.22 under XP or Vista (Both 32 Bit). Still writing simple programs using the Dos that is included with XP/Vista.

I have installed Wavestar for o'scopes (a WINDOWS 3.11 program) on both vista (32) and XP (32) and it works. The communications with the O'scope is via a seral port. Bought a Serial -> USB adaptor. Installed on Win 7 but not tried yet.

As for games, it may depend on graphic, However you may be able to use a "Win 98 compatability" mode when installing (Don't know but there may even be a Win 95 mode)