Which was your first GPU? :)

Hello all...as is my custom, its time for this month's lighthearted thread :)

Which was the first ever GPU you bought/had/installed?

Mine was the XFX Geforce 4200 128mb ....played even Doom3 with it :P
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  1. I used integrated for ages until a computer I bought in 2004 then got myself a Geforce FX5500 256Mb. Pretty rubbish I know and certainly didn't need that much memory, but I was a real noob back then on GFx cards. (Pity I didn't come to a forum like this for advice!)

    I quadrupled my frame rates when I upgraded to a 6800GT less than a year later.
  2. Geforce 3 Ti 500.

    I used it for almost three years. Was a great card and was my longest lasting GPU to date. In fact I still use it in an old Dell. That was the equivalent of a purchasing the 8800GTX in November of 2006 and holding for almost three years. It could easily be done. Unfortunately some of my other GPU purchases haven’t been as wise. :(
  3. Original Matrox Mllenium, then a Mystique with a Rainbow Runner add-on.

    edit ps, Funny thing is I probably had something "before" that but didn't know what they were as they were part of systems. Not sure if my thinkpad of the time (likely the 7 series) had NeoMagic or not, but I think the old Thinkpad had a 1MB Neomagic, I know it's replacement the 380 did; but the first stand-alone discrete would be the Millenium.
  4. Does a Sinclair Spectrum 48k count? if not then it would be a Matrox Millenium with an Orchid 3DFX accelerator, Half - Life @ 800 x 600 = Bliss :)
  5. First GPU?
    GeForce 2 MX 64

    First video card before they switched to the GPU naming...
    The S3 Virge Dx 4Mb was the first card I used in a home build.
  6. ATI Mach 64, back in December 1993 when it was cutting edge LOL. Sill have it and the system in use today, although I upgraded the Pentium 90 to a 200MMX overdrive CPU. Like TGGA, I wouldn't know/recall what was in the earlier pre Pentium machines.
  7. i forget, either a rendition verite' 2100 or a voodoo banshee. it was one of those two. which one is older?
  8. S3 Trio 3D, 1MB :) Of cource, it had no real 3D acceleration, but I though it did, and even added one more megabyte of ram to it- I thought quake2 will run faster if I do that ;)
    (P.S., I understand, in this thread were are using term "GPU" to indicate graphic card, no matter that GPU was first used to describe IIRC, GeForce1?)
  9. The first one I had in a system was in an old Packard Bell that came with an Ati Mach 64. I remember upgrading that 66Mhz CPU to a 133Mhz overdrive, and was blown away by the increase in speed it brought.
    The first upgrade card that I got was a Creative Labs 3D Blaster Banshee 16MB. It is amazing how far things have come since then. It is almost time for me to upgrade my 6800GS, but not yet. Games still play pretty good at 1280x1024.
  10. ATI X800pro AGP, had it since summer 2005 and I still use it to this day. Great little card, I can play CoD 4 in DX9 mode 1280x1024. I will be upgrading my entire system this summer, graphics will probably end up as a radeon 48xx or GeForce 99xx.
  11. BFG 6200oc PCI card back in 05'. gaming life was just pure hell then!
  12. I think it was a 4MB Voodoo. I don't remember which series/model though. Good times :) I was able to MAX Red Alert @ 640x480 :)
  13. My first 3D accelerator was the Riva 128

    But my first GPU was the Geforce2 GTS.
  14. As far as discrete graphics card my first would have to be the RIVA TNT2 32mb video card, Nvidia's 5th graphics processor generation :D

    Everything before that was onboard of some type or another all the way back to a Commodore 64. Adventure Construction Set (published by EA), lost so many hours to that "making" my own games. Too bad EA doesn't make anything that out of the norm nowadays but I digress..........hehe.
  15. Think mine was the Voodoo 2 i saved up for 2 years to get it. Then when i put it in a thought it'd be a good idea to compress my HDD to get to 2Gb. It took over a week to do 24/7. Unfortunately I wasn't on the internet and didn't know this was a bad thing :). Took just as long if not longer to uncompress it. Damn Swiv 3D made me do it hehe.

    @Talon - Faye Valentine? Cowboy Bebop is very good and the music is even better :)
  16. TNT2 ... damn and i thinked it was good at this time ... i paid 1500$can for a Pentium 133 when it was out ...now for this price you got a real kick ass system
  17. Mine was a PCI Radeon 7500.
    I dropped it later when I got a new PC for an AGP 7000..lol

    Then moved to a 9000, then a 9250, then a 9600xt, and we have an x1650xt today...I'm still on the AGP bus.
  18. ATI Raedon 9600 I think. It was 128 Megs. Still have a computer with it.

    My best purchase was the 6800 I got when I bought my dell. That thing did last me for four years (2004-2008) Until I got my 9600 recently.
  19. The first graphics I had was an S3 Trio with 1MB RAM, and a friend of mine helped me install the chips to expand the memory to 2MB, but I really don't remember there being any difference. That was in my HP Pentium 166. The first actual card I installed was an STB 128 16MB. My favorite for the longest was my Voodoo 5...I've still got that thing in the garage.
  20. S3 Virge was in 'my' second rig, I have absolutely no idea what was in the first one, I was so young and couldn't care less... lol
  21. Some Trident pci card on a 486, when I was a little kiddy. Forgot the exact model, it wasn't worth remembering. :p
  22. I had a 2mb ATI Rage Fury something. It was the best card in it's day. I think it was all onboard before that. My next card was a 3DFX Voodoo 3 3000. 16MB but only 16bit color to speed things up compared to 24bit and 32bit color the other 32mb cards where doing. 3DFX had the best cards going until NVidia bullied them and bought them out.
  23. First card I actually bought and installed myself was an ATI 9550 AGP 256mb, that thing lasted me nearly 5 years of low res gaming goodness, Its since been replaced by the 3850 from my new rig.
  24. My first card was a MX440 SE, needed something cheap to get the computer running at the time.
    Much better when I got my Ati 9600XT.

    Otherwise a Commodore 64.
  25. My first dedicated gpu was just a 2 meg 2d card. But if your talking 3d card it was a 16 meg Voodoo Banshee from Elsa. Back aroufn 1999 or so. My friends were jealous cause it played Soldier of Fortune. :)
  26. random onboard... first "3D" card would be an ATI Rage Pro? Though I remember it was faster to use software rendering in many cases... so although it was my first 3D card, it was more of a 3D decelerator. Then Radeon 7500, Radeon 9000, Radeon 9600, Radeon 9800 Pro. Not all necessarily for my computer, mind you, but different computers in the house. Currently using a laptop with a Radeon X1400, as I don't really game anymore and I do need to move around, but I didn't want integrated.

    Edit: Wow, just noticed; all ATI cards...
  27. RIVA TNT 16mb !!!!! (creative labs)

    S3 Virge does NOT count.... was good for NFS thou !
  28. A blazing fast Power Color S-3 virge 325 2mb ram upgraded to 4mb(socketed chips)for autocad. on a pentium 90 with 64mb ram.Crazy expensive.
  29. First card I bought and installed myself was a 8800gt lolz
  30. Some relic VGA Adapter from the 286/386 era. Don't know what it was.
    It ran SimCity2000 on a 386 hehe.

    First "3D Accelerator" : ATI Mach64 2MB VRAM (1997-1999)
    First thing I picked : 3Dfx Voodoo 3 2000 (1999) flashed to 3000 ;)
  31. First GPU I bought, rather than some onboard thing: Geforce 2, GTS

    I still use it to this very day.
  32. good old GeForce 256

    had a RIVA 128 before that
  33. ATI Rage 128 pro. It was a big deal because it was agp :)
  34. Helped my dad put an old Radeon 9250 in my 4 year old computer. Think I had integrated graphics before that (it still wasn't much of an upgrade :P). I just put an 8800GTS 512 in this new computer I built for myself though. First computer I had ever built (mostly) on my own.
  35. Voodoo 3

    I had a couple before...but forgot their names...I was too small :P
  36. X800gto, about March of 06. It was a really nice card.
  37. riva tnt 16mb
    Played quake III!
  38. I think it was a Voodoo 3000, for its day that card rocked!!!
  39. Crayola, box of 16 colors. I doubled my memory later to 32 crayons when I was a good boy.
  40. I had a Voodoo Banshee - but my first GPU was a Geforce 2 MX400.
  41. O man, my first one was the good ol Voodoo 2, and the worst part is I never got it to render a single frame. Couldnt get it to play with the intigrated on my IBM, so it has sat useless all these years...

    First one I got to work was a 64MB Radeon VIVO. Dropped that baby into a 450Mhz PII and was ready to play! lol
  42. EGA Wonder 16 colors out of pallet of 64.
  43. TNT2 M64 32mb was the first card I bought myself. I've had other cards before that but I can't remember anything lol.
  44. The first card I had in a PC was a Riva TNT2 M64 32mb just like leo2kp(although mine came with the PC). It was a beast of a card, that an a 450MHz PIII with 256MB of ram played some sweet games back in the day, Jedi Knight 2 and Command and Conquer: Generals were the most intensive games I played on it, and Generals was pretty slow running, but that is most likely CPU.
  45. Conumdrum said:
    Crayola, box of 16 colors. I doubled my memory later to 32 crayons when I was a good boy.

    Damn you were lucky, when I was a kid I only had 2 crayons.....a black one and a white one. And I had to make those from old candles that we used to light and heat our log cabin.
  46. Geforce2 MX 440, or what ever name it was... It was a Geforce2 for sure but for the MX part I'm not too sure...
  47. My first cards were a Voodoo 3 3000 and a GeForce 2 MX 440. I'm still currently holdin it down with my Gainward 1800 GoldenSample GeForce FX 5950 Ultra. Jesus that Gainward cost me some pretty pennies...
  48. ohhhh the year was 1997:

    Matrix Mystique 220 with a Pentium 100 mHz
  49. I remember in September 2005 I bought an Visiontek Radeon X300 SE from the local Best Buy for $100.00. XD

    Ah.....come such a long way.....lol
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