Gigabyte EP45-UD3R Heatsink options, help!

Hey guys, i purchased this mobo to replace a schizo Asus P5NE that ive had for a while now. I use a core 2 duo e6600 and would like to reach about 3.0-3.2 ghz stable if possible.

Originall i wanted to grab a Zalman CNPS8700 LED, but the clip method it attaches wont work due to the heatsinks, see this picture:

The heatsinks aren't super tall, as you can see in this pic:

The problem is my case won't allow me to use anything thats over about 110mm tall, so i'm fairly limited in my options in terms of heatsinks.

The Coolermaster GeminII S looks like a very good heatsink and performs well, it doesnt use a clip mounting system, but im concerned that it may not clear the NB Heatsinks heighth wise, anybody that may have more experience with this can take a look and give some opinions?

I also am considering the Glacialtech Igloo 5610 PWM, and the Thermalright SI-128. I'm kinda hesitant against the thermalright as the cost is pretty high considering it doesn't come with a 120mm fan. The glacialtech is nice and compact and will definitely fit, but i'm concerned about how well it performs compared to the GeminII S and SI-128.

I hope you guys can help, this is supposedly a very good mobo, and i want to OC, but my height limitation is causing me problems.
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  1. Hi Kutark,

    I've just bought this board too, to replace my Gigabyte GA-8S648FX, and i must say, Gigabyte boards are the best in the industry, my 8S648FX P4 Titan lasted me 5 years before suddenly dying on me, possibly due to heat stress, i have yet to repair it.

    It is a lovely board, and well worth the money. I had a lot of trouble with the stock cooler with my Pentium Dual Core E5200, 2.5GHz, the push pin system is crap, so i've gone for a Spire QuadroFlow IX cooler. It uses an X Clamp type bracket, so you'll need to remove your motherboard, and it uses spring loaded screws, which i prefer to nasty plastic push pins. I haven't actually fitted it yet, so am not entirely sure if its gonna fit, but i'll report back tomorrow.

    Overall i'd recommend you get a bigger case, i have a Jeantech monster that i've had for 5 years, it's built like a tank, and has a removable motherboard tray.
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