Ekstern seagate hhd want work anymore


I got a freeagent pro 750gb ekstern hdd from seagate, that just died, i have try it on 2 othere pc, and it want work there either. It got a "ticking" sound for a few min and then just stop, i try othere cables from a nothere freeagent pro 750, and still no go, so i took it out of its case and put it in my pc, I cant see it in either bios, disk management or any othere place like partition magic, i have try to take all but my boot hdd out and only install my "broken" hdd, and then it gave me a "113-b33904-102 rv670 gddr4_16mx32 256b" error code on the screen before it even got to the "push del to enter bios" but after a few min it starts to load windows vista, but the system is slow.

I havent got ANY othere problems with my pc, and havent installed any hardware like ram or gfx, so cant see any problem with my system besides that the hdd just want be found.

Any ide what i can do to recover the data on it? or atleast reformat it so I can start using it again.

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  1. I'm afraid that the sounds indicate a hard disk failure, within the actual assembly itself. So I don't think connecting it to a new hard disk enclosure would work (though you can certainly try). I don't recommend trying that though, as making the hard disk do any sort of activity might make it harder for you to recover the data.

    Have you considered contracting a professional data recovery service?
  2. is this one of the .11 drives that suffered from the bad freeware? the ticking sound i think is the arms hitting the disc spindle in the drive. I had a Quantum Fireball start doing that, and 2 months later it completely died. But as Lavarin said, if you have important data on it, contact a recovery service. If not, talk to Seagate about a warranty and get it replaced.
  3. damn 2. place i hear the answer i DONT want to hear :(

    Got around 600gb of movies on it, but if its dead its dead :(

    and sure enough theres not warrenty on it anymore.

    Think thats the first and only time ill try seagate, from now on its back to god old wd :)
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