Ethernet over Powerline problems

I purchased a Powerline AV adapter from Linksys around 6 months ago and had perfect plug and play usability in my house. I recently installed a central air conditioning unit in the house and now I am not getting transmission of the internet signal through the adapters. This problem continued for a few days, then I had one day where it magically started working again and it has gone back to not working since. Please help!
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  1. How did you hook up the central airconditioning unit to power? Also, can I stay in your house for free? :D (that was a joke, btw :lol: )
  2. The one thing I know about air con is that a neighbour's unit used to make my lights dim momentarily as it started -- so lots of power being drawn.

    I suspect that the motor unit's position in your house wiring may be the issue -- a decent electrician should be able to point to a solution such as a dedicated heavy duty line between the air con and where your supply meets the street.

    Another strong possibility is the air con creating noise on your power circuit -- after all the mains supply isn't intended for ethernet piggybacking -- above suggestion or some line-conditioners might be a solution.
  3. Yeah, don't know how the air conditioning was installed except that they had an electrician come in and work their magic. I think I will need to get another electrician to come in and see if they can solve the problem. Any other ideas so that I can get this fixed once and for all?
  4. Hi There! In the market there is one company that I came across, that would be able to solved this more than a decade inherent problem of Powerline Communication Adapters. Beside they can solved this hiccups on the powerline they also claim that their devices can also protect the electrical equipment from lightning surges.
    The main issue with your set up and most PLC Adapter drop in signal or rather throughput will be the inteferences from the compressor noises of the aircond and other devices include the mobile phone charger, laptop charger, TV, vacume cleaner, fridge, waterheater, etc. Typically most of the PLC adapters will tell you that their devices can goes UP~TO 200Mbps and 1000Mbps :p :non:
  5. Presently, PLC adapters is not booming as is should have been projected; this may be due to some reason. Most PLC advertised that their theoretical speed limit, up to 200Mbps, but in actual usage it may not even reach close to 100Mbps. This company that I came across, Cal-Lab would have the answer for most of the PLC performance issue for more than 10 years, and with their add-on Friendly PLC booster, these devices will work very well in conjunction with others PLC Adapters to boost up the signal (throughput) over the powerline at 150Mbps! throughput. They even tested these devices with vacuum cleaner, hair drier and power drill turn on at the same time and amazingly the throughput reading is still at around150Mbps!!! Unfortunately, this company is looking for global business partners, like PLC adapters players to work with. I think they would certainly with their new innovation, the PLC adapters players in the market would flourish worldwide.

    "Merry Christmas!”
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