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Lexmark printer z700 driver for vista windows 64 bit

I have tried to get the criver for a friend aand i'm so tired of trying to redo this over and over again . This is a lexmark z700- pz00 and it's a 32 bit cd and the computer that i can't get it to workl on is a 64bit. I've tried to really get the driver but everything fails. I'm at my wits end. Any help would be so much helpful. Yes I told him to buy another printer but he knows that I got it on here before. I'm really needing the money that he owes me. For about 2 months or longer. This computer has 4 hard drives and I wish my husband wouldn't have said he could get it.
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  2. Hey its telling me tocancel... uninstall the previous driver.. dsconnect the usb from the printer. (not the computer. and restart computer. there are 2 files under c:\driver\printer\z700-p700. dont know where to disable the other driver and it tries to load but it tells me couldn't complete the download. I'm really not a idiot on computers but this one has really got me confused. That's why I Hate to work on computers. Thanks for the quick reply If I had to work on computers for a living. I wouldn't make it!
    LOL :cry: :cry: :cry:
  3. It's actually windows 7 but when went searching for 64 bit drive for lexmark z700-p700 the only option was givien was vista and it stated that to use the windows vista choice for getting the 64bit drive for the printer. cd is for a 32 bit computer. thanks for any help that you can give. Love this site setup. Great place to call home.
    Teresa/ Snoopy123
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