OCing Advise please. New build TONIGHT!

all of my parts for my new i7 build just came in today and i will be putting everything together. do you have any software advise (bios vista tweaks etc). here is my current setup

antec 1200 case
asus p6t delux
sapphire 4870x2
intel core i7 920 (stock cooling)
G.SKILL 6GB DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Triple Channel Kit
Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 7200
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit

Im mainly interested in which bios version i should use for OCing. and what kind of luck any1 has had in OCing the 920 with stock cooling. also OCing the ram and if its nessesary. ive never messing with ram timings before and im very new to OCing ram. ive OCed a few processors but not since a p4HT. also does any1 know of a good vista tweaking guide? im really looking to get the best out of the money i spent. and i dont wanna push it to the limit but i want to get a bit more then stock times/performance. as far as what i do with the computer just gaming really crysis WoW cs:s no photo/video editing. thanks for the help!
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  1. LOL

    You can find many answers for those questions in this forum already, for others theres google. Cant be bothered? Well, what can I say...
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