Inno3D 9800GTX OC vs. XFX 9800GTX

Hi all,

I am about to buy myself a new VGA. I was thinking of 9800GTX(currentyl I am with 7600GT for a second year now so it will be a boost). I found these two cards in the stores here:
Inno3D Overclocked version and XFX. There is Asus as well, but I think there is no need to pay tem more only for the name.

So, my question is what will you recommend me to take - the overclocked version of the rising INNO3D or the normal 9800GTX version of XFX, that are one of the giants in this industry. The prices are nearly the same(higher for the INNO3D version but a bit) and they do not matter. I just want the better one from these two. I won't make SLI and I want the card to be quiet, but the silence is not over the performance need;)

Thanks in advance for the response!
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  1. First off, what are the prices?

    Second, why wouldn't you order it online? It's most likely a lot cheaper and you can get a better brand such as EVGA (best in the industry IMO).

    EVGA's stock 9800GTX is going for about $300 on Newegg, OC'd versions up to $350 depending on overclock.
  2. Because I am not in the US, but in the EU, and moreover, it's a small country(Bulgaria), so I cannot order from big online markets.

    The prices are around 400$(when transferred) on both cards with around 20$ diference(Inno is the more expensive).
    EVGA is offered in only one store here and it costs around 550$....which is a lot.
  3. Hm yea that makes a lot of sense. For the most part, all the cards are NVidia reference cards with a company's sticker on them. They'll all be about the same as far as performance and reliability, so the difference should be which company you like better including service, warranty, etc.
  4. Thank you!:) The warranty is one and the same(2 years) and some people suggest me buyging 3year waranty card and to clock it....I will think about this.
  5. XFX definitely. They have a double lifetime warranty, which means that you get a full lifetime warranty, and then the person you sell it to in the future will also get the same warranty. They also will allow overclocking, which means you can push the card to higher speeds than the INNO3D and save a couple (insert whatever currency you use over there ;) ).
  6. One other thing: you will need to register your card with XFX within 30 days of purchase to get the double lifetime warranty.
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