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I have an older Gateway laptop with win xp on it. I lent it out and got it back with a problem. Hope someone can help.
When i boot it up, it goes through the motions and when win tries to start I get the blue screen on death, then it reboots, which starts the process all over again. I tried to reinstall win xp but I get another blue screen which states there is no hard drive detected. Any thoughts?
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  1. Do you hear any odd noises coming from the hard drive?
  2. no noises. nothing unusual
  3. Pull the hard drive out and put it in another computer. If it's not detected there, you have a bad hard drive.
  4. I'll try it, let you know. thanks
  5. i tried a different hd in the computer and when I try to install win xp it still comes up saying that there is no hard drive installed. I guess it's not the hd, what else could it be?
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