I have a simple need,

a big HDD, 250gb, multiple partitions all NTFS

I want a simple, GOOD utility like GHOST, which can create IMAGES of my bootable partitions, OS partitions, and I could save IMAGES on same HDD other partition. later on I want to create a bootable media with this IMAGE which could automatically restore the IMAGE to actual partition.

I was using NORTON GHOST ( BOOTABLE FLOPPY/USB) for years, but here I have all NTFS system and I need a better utility.


is is too bulky to install in system, i heared it can create IMAGE of the XP while it is running.

please suggest
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  1. I've used acronis and it works beautifully. Yes it works within the OS or with a bootable disk. It's not really bulky at. I have it installed in my laptop with a turion x2 and 2GB of ram under windows vista and haven't noticed a performance hit. However it has trouble with RAID.

    If you have vista ultimate or looking to buy windows 7 ultimate (mybe even professional) it comes iwth a simple yet effective image utility.
  2. +1^ I've been using Acrinis True Image about 6 years now and it's the best!
  3. Another vote for Acronis - especially with a bootable CD. I just do not quite trust a backup program to backup the partition in which it resides.

    In fact, if you want, you can install Acronis, use it to make a bootable disk, then uninstall it.

    I just used Acronis to transfer everything on a bootable 320 GB drive with 2 partitions to a 640 GB drive. Flawless.
  4. Well, many thanks folks

    It seems I must give ACRONIS a try,

    is there a way to get just the bootable program of it TRUE IMAGE, i mean outside windows no need to install.

    My goal is this :

    I will backup my system partition( only this partition ) on my HDD at a separate partitions initially, when i am done all tweaking etc, and a final workable image for me is ready, then I want to burn that image on a CD/DVD, which contains bootable media.

    In case of recovery, I must put that CD/DVD in and rest of the things must be transparent and automatic.

    I did have GHOST 8x, 9x and was able restore image from partition to my system partition. Not yet made my final recovery CD because of this problem:

    When I restore using GHOST, and if I have changed PARTITIONS configuration ( for any reason), OR when I restore saved image on ANOTHER HDD, GHOST does everything fine, except, system can' t boot from restored image, then i have to use little tricks:

    refresh MBR, refresh boot sector, using XP CD. recovery console,

    and sometimes even this does'nt help, then i have to start install XP over that restored partition, not completely, after few screens, I stop installation process and start booting from that partition, I am able boot then.

    I hope ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE will not have this issue,

    please tell me what version of TRUE IMAGE i must use,

    -> only want to create/restore image from a separate self boot, don't want to install whole thing in my XP.

    -one more thing to mention that my GHOST experiment was with FAT32 system partition, and now i have NTFS.

    please suggest.

  5. Any version of acronis true image will do what you want. While ghost was amazing back in the day, acronis has far better options and better ntfs management by today's standards.

    Goto the acronis website and look at what each version offers you. I'm pretty damn sure that even the cheapest version will do what you want.
  6. I don't know of anyway to create a self booting acronis image. As far as I know you'll have to boot the rescue disk (which is a CD). Then you can swap out the disk with one that has your image on it. Personally I prefer to use flash drives for my image which will work also.
  7. You cannot, as far as I know, combine a bootable Acronis CD with a backup so that you have one disk. (If I understand what you are asking.)
  8. Well thanks folks, I tried ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE and GHOST ver 11.5 outside windows, and what I got is:

    ACRONIS, faster imaging, than GHOST, image size is also small, but cant get ONE CD/DVD bootable solution.

    GHOST, little slower than ACRONIS, image size, little bigger than ACRONIS, but can burn CD/DVD which INCLUDES bootable files ( provided at time of burning )
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