Max ram speed on 680i LT

Hello, here's my specs:

evga 680i LT
Q6600 oc'd to 3.2Ghz, 1420 FSB
2 x 7950 gx2's
4GB corsair XMS2 PC6400

My question is, the fastest ram speeds this board is published as being able to handle is the PC6400 (800mhz). Is it possible to upgrade to some faster ram and compensate with voltages and be stable? Or will it absolutely not go over 800mhz? Right now I'm running it in sync with the CPU, so it's actually underclocked a bit, but I want to upgrade to some OCZ ram, and increase my ratio to try to get around 1200mhz or so. Is this possible on this mobo? Anyone running an LT with ram faster than 800mhz?
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  1. hmmm..... there's got to be someone out there overclocking ram on a 680i LT........
  2. Yes you can OC ram on your 680i LT. Doubt very much you will get anywhere close to 1200 but around 1000 should be doable.
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