Chieftec Case anyone? need hard drive cage ideas

Back ground Description:

I bought a chieftec matrix full tower case about 5 years ago, because I wanted a case that was heavy duty, has lots of room for expansion, looks nice, and that I could keep around as long as possible

Its served me well and holds up like a champ, but 5 years ago and whenever it was designed, graphics cards werent a foot long, this thing is massive as you can see

it has removable hard drive cages that slide to the rear of the case, and that wasn't a problem until the 8/9 series nvidia cards, so far I just searched (and luckily found) for a shorter than typical graphics card, but I want to figure out a solution for future upgrades,

What I'm looking for:

-suggestions on modding (I have a dremel and I know how to use it)
-links to any sights that might sell modular drive bays that mount sideways in the case
-opinions, should I upgrade to a new case? or stick with it
-tips on other places I can securely store my hard drives in the case ( need to find a new home for at least 3)or different mounting locations
i've seen 5.25" to 3.5" bay adapters
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  1. I have an older Antec 1240 but it's basically the same case. Ran into the same issue with a graphics card and found this work around:

    First, you may want to order a part by going here Click on Products/Spare Parts

    Browse through the parts and look for Support Bracket with pin # SKU:30040 ($9.95)

    Replace your lower bracket with this and hang the cage over the very bottom fan inlet.

    The cage has a lip on the top that will grab the bracket and the pin will secure the latch

    Now you have both cages secured in the case with room for the video card - and this give you the room for three hard drives as requested.

    To help clear it up, the old way mounted the 2 cages on the top and middle fans.
    This new way mounts the cages on the top and now the bottom fans, leaving the middle open for the video card.

    Cool thing is, you can still utilize all 3 fans on the case front. Can send pics if you like....

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