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I recently ordered some g.skill DDR2-1066 memory for my PC. I just realized that my mobo only handles up to DDR2-800. So my question is this. Can I run the DDR2-1066 at a lower speed (800mhz) and then tighten the timings beyond stated timings since it's running at a lower speed? i.e. DDR2-1066 rated at 5-5-5-15. Can I run it at say 4-4-4-12 @800mhz instead? When I say run it, I mean run it stable :sol:
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  1. Yes you can run it at lower speeds with better timings. Test your new setup with Prime95 or memtest86+.
  2. thanks i have memtest so I'll give it a whirl :D ...have a great day.
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