Mounting mATX in ATX case

I have an older Mesh case with an ATX board in it. The case has holes drilled for ATX but possibly not a specific set for mATX.

Is it possible to mount an mATX board into the same case?

If it is not possible can you suggest a new case/power supply combo for ~£30/40. Or just a case for ~£20. I'm looking for discrete not stylish and one that will take both ATX and mATX.

Many Thanks
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  1. Matx has a few less holes because its shorter. It will still line up though.
  2. look at the back panel screwholes, count 4 card slots down, go straight across. if there are screw hole there, you are good to go.
  3. Thanks very much. Very easy guide.

    Let's assume that the case cannot take mATX motherboards. Please can you recommend a good case.
    ~£20 without PSU
    ~£30/40 with PSU

  4. What system are you powering up? Hard to guess what you have, but around your price range I'd get this:
    Antec Mini Tower Case w/ Earthwatts 380w PSU - Black - NSK4480B

    It has a 380w Antec Earthwatts PSU that is rated at 27A on the 12V rail, so will power almost any single GPU out right now, but it all depends on what you have in your system.
  5. You said you want non stylish and descrete.

    Lets dont assume it wont, because it will. I guarantee it.

    Worst case scenerio would be the bottom 2 holes not lining up. Big deal! You will have the top 2 and the middle 2 for sure.
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