AHHH. Just when I was ready to buy a computer.....

I was all set to buid myself my rig, and now i find out that in a month the new 4000 series will be released. BUGGER.
That with the fact that the velociraptor will also be avaliable makes me think i might need to wait al little while....

What do people think - I was going to get an 8800 GTX at a resonable price (£165 here, same price(ish) as GTS). I see it as three choices,
1) Wait for 4k series and hope it rocks.
2) Buy a GS or something and then wait and see if the 4k series is worth it (though this seems a waste if i do end up buying it, i waste about 80 quid)
3) Buy my 8800 GTX, and wait to see how the 4k performs vs the GT200 and then maybe upgrade towards the end of the year.

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  1. I'd go for option 1) and wait. Probably break after a few days then get the GTX then upgrade later on in the year :).

    Option 1) sounds good if you have the patience I don't...
  2. I'd wait for the 4K. There's really no sense in buying something if you're already thinking about replacing it.

    That velociraptor sounds very tempting in reviews. But, the way prices are in the UK, it might be £400...
  3. I've pretty much worn out my patience...I've been waiting since the GT came out!!! :( life is so hard
  4. the velociraptors are in stock at some distributors (tech Data). I just ordered me 4 of them from Dell. Delivery date is around the 16th. I am hoping that is true
  5. Truth is you can allways wait fr something better to come out, especially if Ati and nVidia is back to their old game with new launches every 6 months :)
    However I heard the 4K series should be worth waiting for ;p
  6. Its only money... you will get more!

    All problems are solved with more money...
  7. What kind of video card do you have now?
  8. Well, since the 3 series sucks a**, and it was sposed to be so damn good, I bet the 4 series will too, I myself am gonna order a gts tomorrow. ATI and AMD seem to under deliver on their promises of performance lately.
  9. oh no, right now i'm on a shocking system.... p4 2.8 7600 GT etc.

    I'd be ok waiting I guess, but was completely let down by the 9 series that i don't know. That, and i want to play COD the way its supposed to be played!
    --in the uk I haven't found anywhere that has an ETA on the velociraptors! :(
  10. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=HD-209-WD&groupid=701&catid=14&subcat=768

    Overclockers tends to put stuff on pre-order if it's out in 2 weeks or less i think. I've pre ordered to things on there and not had to wait longer than week...


    Another place to pre-order.
  11. Cool, it's under £200 :)

    Let me see, if a WD7500AAKS costs £91 at scan.co.uk and $135 at newegg, and a Velociraptor costs £193 at scan.co.uk, then math says the Velociraptor will be $286 at newegg when it shows up. Not bad...
  12. I would probably try to hold of till summer, see how the HD4K vs 9900 plays out.
  13. Well, you could get a 9600GT as a cheap holdover until the new parts are available. Your old rig would then serve as an emergency backup.
  14. Dude why does everyone wait around? If you are looking to build, BUILD. if you wait till the "new" stuff comes out they will be jacked up in price and then people "wait till the price comes down" and by then the next new stuff comes out and you WAIT again.

    Shut up and buy!
  15. jay2tall said:
    Dude why does everyone wait around? If you are looking to build, BUILD. if you wait till the "new" stuff comes out they will be jacked up in price and then people "wait till the price comes down" and by then the next new stuff comes out and you WAIT again.

    Shut up and buy!

    Well ye sgood advice if delivered rather abruptly :D
    The point is very valid though. Personally i would get the GTX and then resell it if the 4 series takes your fancy.
  16. At first I thought everyone was talking about dinosaurs and was like "WTF do dinosaurs have to do with building a PC and why would dell sell them?" I then followed Closed_Deal's link and found out they were HDs.
  17. How about another option, if he's set on the gtx or another nvidia card, how about something cheaper say an 8800gs or 9600gt to hold him over, but get an evga card, then with their step up program, wait till the 4000 series from ATI comes out and see how they are, if they drive down nvidia's cards, trade in the cheaper card. Or sell the cheaper card and get a 4000 series.
  18. lol @ robertito :D
  19. get a 8800gt/gts, They hover around $200. They ROCK and play most games on high. That will tide you over for a while and you can sell them for a nice price and buy what you want. I did that the last time. I got a x1900xtx for $340 + rebate. Then sold it for $120 online and bought a GTS for $300 + $20 rebate. So i lost money, like everyone does with PC parts, but I got something for it and put it to my next purchase. The x1900xtx was an AWESOME card, but the 8800GTS made me switch to Nvidia this time.
  20. What about the CPU side? Anything there worth waiting for?

    TurinX, judging from your current P4/7600GT, I'm guessing you're not planning to upgrade often. If that's right, I recommend you get yourself a Quad CPU. Dual cores are better in most games right now, if they have a higher clock, but for the long term a quad is better. Have you decided on a CPU yet?
  21. Yep, waiting's a tricky game, and while it (HD4K) is maybe 4-6 weeks away, unless you're truly on the fence, then it's a good idea to buy, sell and then rebuy.

    It's close enough that it's a tough call as it's waiting weeks rather than months, but overall I don't think you'll beat the value of the GTX and GTS even once the HD4K and G200/GT200 come out, which will launch at high prices at first.

    If getting a GTX and then reselling it is a 'worst case scenario' that's a pretty nice one to have IMO.

    edit: oops wrote 4-6 months not weeks, it's only 4-6 weeks away.
  22. I'd wait to see the official benchies of the 48xx series. Generally the benchies will be out a couple days before the card is on the shelves. Then you can decide whether or not you want it or the gtx/gts.
  23. Buy.

    Here's my deal. Im running the warhammer beta on a 2ghz single core, 1gbram, geforce 8600basic video card. And the game plays, on all low settings... but I'm not enjoying it as much as I want.

    So I can buy now, or wait a month. I decided to buy because if I wait a month for the better stuff, it's going to be really expensive. And I don't care to spend that much on a gaming computer when I have kids, you know? It may be 18 years till college but time flies, and I like some savings. And the still good stuff like an 8800gt can't possibly get that much cheaper than the $160 I bought my EVGA for.

    But I just purchased an e8400 & scythe infinity cooler, 4gb gskill ram, gigabyte p35 ds3l mobo, & 8800gt for $600 bucks.

    The evga 8800gt is $160 after rebate, right now. Zipzoomfly sold out already. I had to get mine from newegg.

    Seriously, this 4x card must be great, considering all the sales coming out on video cards right now, pushing product. But if you want it, get it.

    Myself, I'm REALLY tired of waiting for the next best thing, and then something else coming out and the prices being jacked up forever. That's why I still have that PoS computer. the 8800s were THROUGH THE ROOF expensive the past year, because ATI didn't have a competitor out.

    Well, now one is coming up and nvidia is unloading for cheap. At $160 for an 8800gt, you cannot lose, cause I guarantee you even when there are 2 more generations of cards out, that card won't go under $100. And it does what you need it to and it will for another year at least. And if you wait to buy the 4x series you'll pay hundreds more.

    It's a sweet time to buy, an ideal time to buy - prices have never been better. Jump on it man.
  24. I think i'm going to go with the 'just buy' approach! Dive in, and enjoy. I'm really happy with it, just was worried about the new cards! But not anyomre - there will always be new cardson the horizon!
  25. wait... 2 months only dude...
  26. I personally would hang on. If you had no system I'd say sod it, just BUILD!
    But you have a system and waiting for the 4xxx would be what I'd do.

    Oh and can the guys who come back quoting newegg prices, look and see where the OP is from first?
    Newegg don't ship here (the UK) so they're useless! :kaola:
  27. I just ordered and ECS 8800 gts 512, AND it has a $50 rebate, so if I get it the card will have cost me 159.00 ain't no way the 4000's are gonna cost that when they come out unless it is the **** low end model. I'll also bet you that my cheap gts keeps up with the top end 4000, ati's cards have lagged bad in the speed dept.
  28. I've been to Scan and they seem cool too.
  29. Even with new cards on the horizon, you always have to ask yourself if they will be with the premium price when you can get a great card now with probably a nice rebate that will run anything you want. So why not buy now. Hang onto it for a year. Sell it for a decent price and buy the next round. If you aren't going to install the card right away you may as well wait till you are ready but if you are going to buy and throw it in and enjoy it right off the bat just go for it. Trust me you will be happy once you see crap blowing up and bullets flying.
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