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Hey. So I'm working on my first build and after a couple issues I've got everything working pretty much and I can get to BIOS and whatever. The only problem is the fan on my cpu is grinding against the heatsink and it's ridiculously loud. I didn't bend it or anything, but it seems like an expected problem with the design, having the fan right between two big sets of flimsy fins. Do you think it's rubbing because it's not hooked on the motherboard correctly? It doesn't seem like it would be but i don't know anything else i could have done wrong. My other thought is to take it out and sand the fins down a little in one spot but I'm not sure. Anyone else have a similar problem or any input? Thanks,
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  1. see if you could bend the fan and holding mechanism away from the fins. sanding it probably isnt a really good idea, and its probably not cause by being hooked up to the MOBO wrong. If it is a pushpin Intel platform, then i could see some problems.
  2. yea, unfortunately it uses the pushpins. i tried to superglue it around but it didn't work, sanding was going to be my last option. Maybe i'll try to hook it around to the motherboard different tomorrow. dumb question but the holes are in a square right? like if could go in there left/right and up/down?
  3. I am having the same issue where the fan hits the heatsink on my v1. If you figure out how to fix it, please let me know, as my ideas so far have not been successful.
  4. I have a V1 in a box. It suited me fine till I went water. Didn't have that problem. I'd send it right back and get another of the same or get a diff cooler. Thats not right for it to do that.

    BTW, the temps I had on my E6600 were pretty decent. Back in the middle of 2007 it was one of the better HS.
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