Xp wont boot due to hardware change

i recently tried to put an windows xp harddrive into a new system that i built for a friend and the windows xp wont boot, what happens is windows trys to boot then the system stops and turns on again and i get the windows start-up choice screen but at the top it say this may be due to a recent hardware change, and it does this every time
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  1. Probably configured for the wrong disk controller. You would be far better off doing a fresh install of XP if the hardware has changed significantly.
  2. i dont have an xp disc =/
  3. The message is correct. The Hardware Abstract Layer DLL is wrong for that machine.

    No CD, No windows.
  4. ok thanks i'll have to try and get hold of a cd from somewhere
  5. It must be the version, (OEM, Retail, Service packs etc.)

    If found, a "Repair" is needed.
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