D-Link Wireless: Is this as good as it gets?

Maybe my novice expectations are too high. I'm hoping that someone with some experience can help me out

I was all excited to get Wi-Fi up and running at home. Bought a D-Link DI-624 AirPlusXtremeG 4 port wireless router w/ a matching DWL-G650 cardbus adapter to slide into a laptop. Cable modem signal is fed to the WAN port on the Router and the desktop computer is plugged into one of the 4 ports. The laptop is a Compaq X1050 (1.4 GHz Centrino). I've disabled the built in 802.11b wi-fi in the Laptop. Main hardwired desktop and the wireless router is in an upstairs room. I have no 2.4 GHz devices in my house that I know of (phones) and the nearest appliance to the router is the desktop computer that is about 3 feet away. Initial tests don't have any incription, WPA, etc enabled; trying to run "lean and mean first to get the bugs out". All the firmware and drivers are the latest version.

I've established a Super G "connection" between the wired computer (a desktop) and the wireless computer (the laptop).

But... It seems like a "bad connection" based on what the D-Link utility reports for "signal strength". The highest I've ever seen it get is 50% and that's when I've taken the laptop downstairs and I'm below the wireless router on the floor above me. Upstairs, with the laptop in the same room as the router I get about 20-30%. Signal Tx rate varies between about 10 and 50 Mbps. Max Tx throughput is supposed to be 108 Mbps and I haven't even been able to get 1/2 of this in what I'd consider to be "ideal conditions". Of note is the fact that I can watch streaming video through the wireless connection from Yahoo's music video section...

So, what's going on? Do I have a defective Router or are my expectations too high? Is this as good as it gets? I expected to see Tx rates and signal strength rates at least in the 90's under ideal conditions.

Any ideas, thoughts, or comments are appreciated. I'm cross posting in the Networking forum for more and varied exposure to pulse the folks that don't hit "General Hardware".
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  1. I doubt you'll ever see 90Mbps w/ a 802.11g device. The MAX for them is 54Mbps. I know that D-Link and others tout that you can receive higher than that, but g is only MEANT to go UP TO 54 Mbps which should be MORE than enough when it comes to the Internet. I don't know of ANY cable connection which runs faster than 10Mbps, so even if your only running that you'll have a good high speed connection. The only thing you might be missing out on is the speed when transferring files between machines.
    Hope this helps clear some things up for you...
  2. did you enable 802.11g only mode? set SuperG mode to static turbo? I always get at least 70mbps with 50% or so signal strength when I move my laptop to the next room. if it's in the same room, I will set transmit power to 50% and still have 100% signal strength and steady 108mbps tx rate.
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