Wireless LAN adapter problem with Vista 64-bit OS


Since upgrading my operating system from Windows XP to Vista 64-bit I have been unable to use a wireless LAN adapter on my home PC.

My PC is an AMD Phenom 9600 Quad-Core with 8GB RAM.

When I first encountered the problem I thought that it was my older USB LAN adapter that was not compatible. So I bought an Edimax EW-7128g PCI adapter after having seen reviews on Amazon confirming that it works with Vista 64-bit. However, although it would install ok, the adapter was unable to locate any WI-FI signals (SSIDs) at all.

I then did some more research and purchased a ZyXel G-202 USB adapter because I saw on the www.ZyXel.com website that they have specific drivers for Vista-64 which I downloaded an installed.

Yet this adapter also fails to detect any wireless networks. As with the Edimaz PCI adapter I was able to install it ok and the light on the USB adapter blinks on an off when connected to the PC but I notice that no packets are sent or received by it.

When I try to diagnose the problem using Windows Network Diagnostic it keeps telling me "the network adapter 'ZYXEL G-202 Wireless USB adapter' is experiencing driver or hardware related issues". However, in the adapter's properties tab it tells me that the device is working properly.

I tried using ZyXel driver versions 2.1.0 and 2.2.1 but neither make any difference.

I have two laptops which both connect fine to my wireless router (they run on Windows XP and Windows VISTA 32-bit). My router is a Billion BiPAC 5200G Series ADSL2+ Router running WPA2-PSK SSID authentication (not broadcasting SSID) and TKIP encryption.

My inclination is that both adapters work fine but that there is some setting in Vista 64-bit that I have missed.

Does anyone know what the problem might be and how I can resolve it? I have paid for two adapters on the basis that they worked with Vista-64 bit but I am still without a connection. I am not so concerned about the money - I just want a working WIFI connection on my home PC.

Any enlightenment you can provide would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

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  1. Have you tried reinstalling Vista? You should also check if your IP address is set to auto. See How-To: Change Your IP Address in Windows for more details.
  2. HOLD UP! before you reinstall vista try this one, will be quick and easy!
    I had the biggest problem with a Linksys wireless adapter when useing it with vista 64 ultimate, it wouldnt work at all and i had similar problems. Linksys hasnt made drivers for it for vista because its too complicated or something with the OS, so i tried 3rd party software, didnt work well enough, so then my friend told me to uninstall all drivers and software from it, and then just reboot, then vista looked for drivers couldn't find any, he told me to tell it to look again, and behold! it found drivers! It works perfect!!! I have just the vista drivers and i let windows configure the settings, try that, its fast easy and no trouble. Hope it helps!!

  3. Thanks ......magruder!!!!!!
    I too faced Wireless LAN adapter problem with Vista 64-bit OS.
    I have uninstalled all drivers and software from it, and then just reboot,.
    It found drivers!

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  4. Your very most welcome!
  5. hey ive got a problem very similar to yours but i wasnt sure if i uninstall all drivers and softwares off vista 64 in general or what
  6. All drivers for your wireless card uninstall. Leave all other drivers alone.
  7. Ciao All ,
    In fact I have same problem here with TP-LINK wireless ADSL2 . at the first time working probably but when I installed loop back interface the same problem above appeared with me , I tried to remove allo drivers related to all networks and Installed them again but the problem still ..
    could u help me pls?
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