Asus Rampage Formula x48 Compatible Heatsink Help

I am looking for a medium sized cpu cooler that fits nicely on this motherboard. I don't have room for something like the Thermaltake 120. I have a q9450. I want to order tommorow and don't want to get a cooler that doesn't fit in my case. Please help - I am am googled to death. Thanks
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  1. This will work great. $43 with free shipping is a steal for an extreme cooler of this quality.

    Easy install with this. Nice upgrade from stock. $26 FS.
  2. I just installed a Sunbeam CCF on it . Tight fit, but great HS.
  3. papabear said:
    I just installed a Sunbeam CCF on it . Tight fit, but great HS.

    can post a pic of that? i really wanna see how it looks coz im also looking for a HSF for the asus rampage if im not askin too much
  4. The TRUE does fit in this mobo.
  5. are TRUE really good? what about the issue about their quality issue
    you know the issue that you need to lapped it
  6. I don't know about lapping, but mine is fine. Just get a 120mm fan with a high number of cfm. You can have a push pull config on the true.
  7. i can push and pull with TRUE? in the asus rampage motherboard?
    so it fit?
  8. Quote:
    The TRUE does fit in this mobo.

    yes it will fit. You can also consider using xigmatek HDT-s1283. Some people don't like the push pin design on it; you can get the retention bracket or thermalright's bolt-thru kit for LGA775. It works for xigmatek as well (that's what i'll be doing with my board once it comes in this week). GL
  9. I'm using an Asus Lion Square on my Rampage, works pretty well.
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