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I have just purchased a new Samsung laser printer. I spent all day yesterday trying to install it, but everytime I tried to install the driver I got the error message 'printer not found', although it was present in device manager (in yellow, driver not installed). When I had tried everything I could think of I connected it to a different computer, same operating system. It installed and worked perfectly. I need to install the printer but I am now completely stumped! OS XP Proffessional.
Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. Update: I have reinstalled the driver, this time with the printer unconnected (which the software allows you to do). The printer now appears in control panel/printers & faxes but in device manager is still yellow (error code 1 driver uninstalled). If I attempt to print, the printer is listed and all is well till I press print, then I get the error message 'the current printer port is not supported for the printer status'. As I said it installed on another machine fine, the only difference is that machine was on service pack 3, the machine I am trying to install on is service pack 2, could that make a difference? When I reboot the computer I get the New Hardware wizard each time.
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