Upgrading from 32 bit windows vista home basic to 64 bit.

I have windows vista home basic 32 bit and i'm wondering will the same serial work for the 64 bit version? (I've googled for it and found nothing that was any help that's why i'm asking in here.)
i yet don't know where can i get the 64 bit disk because the one i have is the 32 bit version..
Any place where i can download it? (I've searched for it but i have not found anything helpful so i could just try it out and see if it works.)

Yes my processor allows me to install a 64 bit windows.
Intel pentium dual core t3200 @ 2.00 Ghz

Reason why i want to get 64 bit windows is because i want to upgrade my ram from 2 GB to 4 GB. (Now people say that a 32 bit windows will only support 3 GB of ram some say 3.5 and some say 4, Would be really great if somebody would give me a solid anwser how much does it support.)
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  1. I believe it should, but if you do not have a 64-bit disc, then you have an OEM version of Windows, so you will need to talk to whomever made that system to see if they can supply you with a 64-bit disc. Also note that there is no in-place upgrade for 32-bit to 64-bit, it requires a full reinstall of the OS.

    As for the RAM question... A 32-bit OS is capable of addressing 4GB of RAM, however a 32-bit CPU will reserve roughly 0.5GB of that 4GB for what is known as protected mode operation. If you ever used Windows 3.1 and remember GPF errors, this is what protected mode operation prevents. It allows the CPU to ensure that Program A does not try and write data into an area of memory being used by Program B. So long story short, it helps prevent one way in which programs might crash.
  2. Well anyway i got a 64 bit disk installed it and works good now i did have to activate the windows myself because it did not do it like it does when installing with the right version. And i did not have my serial written down anywhere so my serial is forever lost because the serial on my laptop can't be read anymore.

    But my windows is now activated it works good and i'm happy :D
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