Installing a hard drive with a virus on it

I have an extra hard drive that I would like to use, but I know that it has a virus on it that I was unable to erase (I ended up giving up and installing a new drive).

Now that I have everything resolved and McAfee security suite installed, I am wondering if it is safe to install the new one, and if McAfee will intercept it before it does any damage.

I'm sorry that I don't remember what virus it is, in case that makes any difference. I am thinking it may have been a conficker variant, but that may also be in my head just because of all the news coverage on it.

Please don't suggest a different Antivirus solution if at all possible. The recession has made it so that I have to work with what I have.

(I am sorry if this message gets posted multiple times. It didn't seem to go through initially)
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  1. low level format it first............
  2. While it's possible that your McAfee on the primary drive will find and clean it, there's no guarantee.

    As Comp stated.....a format is safest.

    You could also remove the good HD, put the old HD back in and run Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpware (both have free editions). If you choose to do this, make sure to turn off System Restore and run it in Safe Mode.
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