How many peeps care about power consuption?

How many folks out there really care about a 10 or 15watt difference when buying a CPU? I mean come on! You spend a 1000 dollars on your PC and worrie about saving a couple of dollars a year on your electricity bill.
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  1. Personally, I don't care. But the person who pays my power bill does care ;)
  2. but there is another reason IMO
    10 or 15watt may indicate the temperatures and overclocking limitation as for
    the 6400+ and phenom 9850
    for me i got the 5600+ over 600+ just because of this
  3. I buy what ever gives me the best price performance ratio when overclocked.
    Then I underclock it for normal use.

    Best of both worlds.
    High power PC that is energy efficient.
  4. i dont care.
  5. OMG, you guys are so stupid! I bet Missy gonna freak when she finds this thread! Everyone edit your posts and say you do care, otherwise...
  6. OMG, you guys are so stupid! I bet Missy gonna freak when she finds this thread! Everyone edit your posts and say you do care, otherwise...
  7. I wouldn't sacrifice performance, but if the power reduction is not at the cost of performance (or comes with an increase in performance, eg. Netburst-Core2) then I'll take what I can get.

    Offtopic: I think I know who Missy is, not sure, but I have an idea.
  8. randomizer said:
    Offtopic: I think I know who Missy is, not sure, but I have an idea.


    I run an OC'd Pentium D. 'Nuff said!
  9. I do, up to a point, but then I pay my bills unlike most on here.
    So I don't leave my PC on all the time etc. (as you can imagine, it does consume just a bit of power! :lol: )
  10. Power Consumption does have relevance and long periods of gaming on high end systems will all add up in the end.I don't sit on my computer all day gaming anyway .Laptops on the other hand are very energy efficient, for general computing and web surfing I use my laptop the most for lower consumption.
  11. Considering only the $$$$ . 10 or 20 or even more watts difference will make no difference for almost everyone (especially when its a 20 watt MAX difference... not the difference at every moment in time)
    It does matter for large corporations...

    like others have mentioned.. the "other" relationships such as heat are more important to everyone
  12. I think power saving features are great, it's the responsible thing to do and I think consumers should demand more of it. It's also convenient, like the sleep mode in vista, means you don't have to boot up again and the DES feature on my mobo, that keeps my cpu @2Ghz until I actually need 3. Look at monitors, the LED ones use a hell of a lot less energy yet produce way better pictures and contrast ratios of 12000:1 as apposed to 3000:1. If you pressure manufacturers into thinking and competition you always get a better product. The only reason were not all driving hydrogen cars or something else super cheap is because no one pressured the auto/oil industries, now they dictate fuel prices to us.
  13. mi1ez said:

    I run an OC'd Pentium D. 'Nuff said!

    duh, which other insane person here drinks biofuel?
  14. Quote:
    Curious Rant:
    HOW CAN YOU NOT CARE ABOUT POWER CONSUMPTION? (free will, I don't blame you...) 10W or 15W can make a huge difference. For my science project I compared my stock BE-2400 and my underclocked and disabled core BE-2400 in power consumption (guess which won?). 12.79W makes a huge difference of about $20-40 on your energy bill! (yearly) add that up every few years and you've saved quite alot! (BTW I got my rig for way less than $500).

    Why do I always use cold showers and a water saving shower head? Its not so that you guys can spend that energy on decaffeinating some drugged RPG character! Its because some of us care about the environment! Why didn't I chose the Pentium Dual-Core instead? It consumed alot more power! (and itunes encoding was kinda slower). If we all save energy in varoius ways we can more than halve the entire world's power consumption! By using less computers, toasters, ipods, gameboys and windmills we could all achieve lower power consumption. By using the radio to play music instead of the computer, that's a few hundred (or thousand) watts saved. Insignificant? No, If everyone shut off their computers instead of keeping them on at night that's alot here and there. However small we can all help stop global warming.

    Ooo... Look at my shiny LED light! Meh see if I care. Many entusiants have all-sorts of useless LED lights and the such. Do I care? Yes I do! I removed my LED fan and reduced power consumption by 0.1W/h. Not much? True, but on a global scale this could affect many lives, such as those in poorer countries that must burn fossil fuels to create energy. How shall you stop this? Start using more cold showers- Most home electrical power is used for the water heater!

    In my opinion, there should be no weather forecast computers as they suck up huge amounts of energy. They should never be used as if most people were like me and telepathic, would never need to know the weather report as we can predict the future.

    On a similar matter of power consumption, is meat eating. Farms feed animals much vegetables that are grown just for them to eat. Now this conversion is inefficient as the animal needs to grow, move and replace dead cells with food. The energy gets used up thus leaving less for you humans and causing you to feed them more. If we directly absorb these nutrients less is wasted and the world will be able to all eat. On average a cow takes 200 more litres of water per kg to produce than the most thirsty of plants. World hunger would easily be solved.

    Anyways its not like they treat the animals well either, but that's a different topic-type rant...


    Money = ultimate motivator
    Make wasting money pricey, and noone will do it. Make it cheap (like it is now.. power = very cheap) .. and everyone will. Going by your rant, we need to just kill ourselves..

    What you do makes no difference anyways.. because it will lower demand of energy just by a small amount.. it will lower prices by this small amount.. and someone will go ahead and waste it

    We will become more conservative when energy becomes more costly.

    This is happening right now.. and that is why hydrogen-fueled cars, and other research is being done. Not because we care about some species, but because it is hurting our wallet.

    I'm just saying what is true. As a person I don't want all these negative consequences to the environment. I truly don't. The more energy you save, the more likely someone else will use it for activities you deem wasteful.
  15. Quote:
    Which person here is a way under-age drinker who's hooked on vodka?

    Who was the biggest loner at primary? Couldn't even get a decent boyfriend, how sad
  16. Hell, I plug my rig directly to a couple trees, the wind and friction keeps em going, and when the tree dries/burns up, I just find a couple more trees. The sparks have killed a couple deer tho, and the wire did fall in a stream, connected straight to the ocean. Next day, a whale came floating up to shore. What can ya do?
  17. Quote:
    Come on... be fair I said "if everyone was like me"

    Come on if we all walked would there be many car accidents?

    Come on if we all had vegetable gardens for food would we need to go to the shops?

    Sure there are vehicles we can't do without, such as ambulances but the point remains...

    If everyone were like you, we wouldn't be doing anything!
    Bah, arguing with you is like trying to argue with someone about the meaning of life.. it'll go nowhere!
    You're not only about avoiding wasting of energy.. you're about not using it in the first place!
    Energy doesn't have feelings, we do. We use it to improve our quality of life. Based on your ideology, every advance past the stone age has been wasteful.
  18. Quote:
    :P Have you ever had an affair a relationship for more than 2 weeks?

    I can get any boy, unlike you with your snooty boyfriend who've been at it since they were in prep?
  19. Actually, to a point I agree with you, its just a lil bit in each direction. Takes time to change my ways, curb my wants. One thing tho, the cold shower thing would only bring diminishing returns, and thats a no go. The rest, like I said, itll take time
  20. dv8silencer said:
    If everyone were like you, we wouldn't be doing anything!
    Bah, arguing with you is like trying to argue with someone about the meaning of life.. it'll go nowhere!

    Duh, nicknames do have some form of meaning
    Missy - adj thinks she's boss of the world
  21. We keep going in that direction tho, the only things with plumbing would be us
  22. macgirlfriend said:
    Duh, nicknames do have some form of meaning
    Missy - adj thinks she's boss of the world

    Well I wish I would've paid attention to that...wouldn't have ended up wasting my time.
  23. Quote:
    Can you chill out for abit?

    SO ADMITTING DEFEAT ARE WE? I don't think your queen anymore... just taken over Missy!
  24. Quote:
    Hey you know what? Slitting your wrist lowers blood pressure, maybe you should try it one day....

    You should try it!
  25. Its going to be hard for us yanks to do this you know. 3 generations of cheap, unlimited power usage. Thats a tough track record to just put aside, but it can be done. Just not until they make the ultimate cpu and gpu, then itll be ok heheh
  26. She is getting personal......
  27. Quote:
    Yes, I agree, one with low power usage. I'm getting bored anyways so I'm gonna play Diablo 2 now... Can we all agree that Macgirlfriend's being a jerk tho...

    Playing compuer games?!?!? OMG! STOP WASTING ENERGY! you should be meditating instead! c'mon...
  28. We should all just use houses with solar powered roofsz.

    Unless you live in antarctica where there is no sun.
  29. Ummm.....
    Antarctica gets tons of sunlight.
    It just gets it all in half a year.

    Besides, current solar panels are not a really good alternative.
    The current types are supposed to have one of the most toxic manufacturing processes of anything ever made.
  30. Quote:
    Well the polar ice caps ARE melting faster than my tofu ice cream...
    Not to mention that the current process involves use of fossil fuels
    Edit: I don't mean tofu ice-cream is made from fossil fuels tho...

    OMG you aren't even 14 years old!
  31. JAYDEEJOHN said:
    She is getting personal......

    Oh hiding behind your friends are you? Can't escape many facts of life Missy
  32. :sleep:
  33. tsk tsk I'm signing off...
  34. I wonder how the wooly mamouth got all the way up to siberia, and got stuck in the perma frost? Maybe it was warmer then? Using less energy is a good idead, but Im not buying this global warning crap. The wooly mamoth primarily lived in the center of the US, no wheres near that far north. Maybe back then, the caveman went crazy having just discovered fire? Then everything froze. I wonder which is more natural? The frozen permafrost or temps like middle america in siberia?
  35. "That, my friend still would use energy, walk everywhere like me (haven't been in a car for 2 years)"

    Well you have to admire that. I don't know how old you are amdfangirl but I've become reliant on my car. I should use public transport more and I might actually look into it

    You know it is possible to live in a near perfect world, if we had sustainable energy for example and used effecient low powered devices then we could probably just rely on solar and wind power, maybe wave power too which is very interesting.
  36. I don't care what you say about it, TOFU is NASTY....and TOFU ice cream sounds just sick and wrong !

    My personal rant...stop calling it soy MILK because it is just soy flour and water !
  37. If you want to save electricity and the world you shouldn't have some many computers.
    Electricity is cheap in America, compared to Europe. Go ahead and knock yourself out with electricity!
  38. Back to the original quesion....
    On my list of expenses that I worry about the most, how much electricity my PC uses is about the bottom of the list.
  39. evongugg said:
    If you want to save electricity and the world you shouldn't have some many computers.
    Electricity is cheap in America, compared to Europe. Go ahead and knock yourself out with electricity!

    Ya know, it's kinda funny.
    A few months after I moved to Germany, I had a friend tell me about why they are raising the prices for electricity here. It appars so little is used here they were loosing cash on the volume. Had to adjust the prices up to make up for the difference. Just sayin...

    Yeah, Soy is alright.
    The choclate soy milk tastes almost the same as the regular stuff.
    Used to have a place in Michigan that would sell rosted Soy nuts. They taste prety good when they have some flavor on them. Just have to watch how many you eat. Kinda like reverse Olestra :??:
  40. Off topic, but when was the last time anyone saw any news on here?
  41. I don’t care about power consumption. I am American! Why do we have to worry about it? Europe and China pollute more then we do? Why do we get nailed for not being "Green" when neither of those two has as tough regulations as we do?

    macgirlfriend: You are a sad product of false advertising.
  42. Mhm sad alright. Capatalists use China and it's people for dirt cheap products and then rip off the people in the western world with 10,000% plus markups. They don't contribute solutions to global warming, equality or humanity, simply report massive annual profits so the greedy executives can get a nice fat bonus!! So many good technologies are held from us just so profits can go streaming into their accounts. I sometimes wonder if the world isn't better off with less convenience, we'd all be slimmer and maybe actually care about each other. When you think about it, alot of people don't drive their cars at max speed or use their computers at max speed or run 5km a day in their $200 sneakers, I mean what's the point for alot of it? Is making people reclusive and fat and poor really progress? Lets not even get started with junk food.....
  43. Because then Intel, NVidia and AMD would get along... No competition... As pacifists we'd accept $1000 for a Celeron...
  44. Because we have Hillary and Barrack and the highest of all AlGoRe
  45. Quote:
    If you hate it so much try almond or rice milk. Ever had Santnitruim tofu sausages (remember I'm a fruitarain, so no hurting plants for food)

    Well apples are tree ovaries and your eating your eating the soy plants babies :P

    On topic, yeah..saving energy is great, but if we all saved as much as we could, we'd be living in mud huts and making babies for entertainment (sex). So should we just sit around throwing dirt all day just for the sake of being able to do it for more generations, or do we advance ?

    There is a line in there somewhere, a point of diminishing returns; the problem is that line is an arbitrary value and different for different groups of people. Personally, if I had a bunch of naked women, I' wouldn't need electricity at all ! However, women are most attracted to people that brush their teeth and bathe, and the supporting tooth brush infrastructure is predicated on the evils of synthetics plastics and all that modern baggage !
  46. If these good technologies were so good, then theyd sell like free beer. Cmon, its always been this way. Communistic countries have always had to deal with capitalists because they never had enough for themselves. Before the pcb boards, what? Starvation? Thats chinas fault for allowing such things being done improperly. Dont blame someone else for their own inadequacies. You think people in China have other options? You have to ask yourself why they dont. And you have to ask why does China allow it?
  47. You forget sex takes energy then we have to eat to be able to make up the lost energy which means more food has to grow which in turn requires another type of energy...
  48. I dunno. Why should I worry about the measley few cents a day it costs to run my PC, when I see things like this for instance. In southern California where there is never any inclement weather, why does everyone drive huge 4 wheel drive SUV's? I hope that everyone (which is a LOT of people) are really enjoying spending $80+ to fill up, and then run 50 miles a day back forth to work on a perfectly flat, smooth 90 degree sunny freeway.
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