My computer slows down after a failed system restore

I performed system restore on my laptop.. When windows starts up all i can see is a blank desktop.. I rebooted my computer and when it starts up, it was still nothing but a blank desktop.. I rebooted several times but still the same.. I told myself that maybe if I wait up the system restore dialog box will show up.. So i waited and true enough, the system restore dialog box showed up after several minutes.. Unfortunately, it was a failed system restore.. I tried to repeat the system restore but the cycle continued.. I gave up on the system restore thing but what bothers me is the complications of this failed system restore.. My computer slows down and it is so frustrating.. Everytime I click on the My Computer icon, it will never stop searching for items and will never show anything.. The only way I can access My Computer is by clicking the My Documents first and then explore (which will also take forever!).. Please help me! :(
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  1. Slow or not, Click:

    Start>Run>SFC /scannow

    Have the Windows CD in the drive for faster results.
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