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I have a Core 2 Duo E4600 in my machine. With the stock fan the idle temp was around 35C and 50-60C full load.

I have replaced this with a G-Cool lite HSF and now th temperature is 19-25C Idle. When I load up "core temp" it shows different temps for each core eg. Core 1 = 22C Core 2 = 19C. Is this normal, or have a not applied the thermal paste correctly? Are there good temps or should i remove the HSF and re-apply paste?

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  1. I have a quad so this might not be 100% accurate for your situation but basically when I was still on air cooling my first pair of cores was generally 5 degrees warmer. Even on water cooling I still get that but its more 2 to 3 degrees now. I tired multiple fans and motherboard with that chip so I think it was fine.

    Ergo you should also be fine.
  2. It's completely normal. Don't worry, all dual and quad core does this.
  3. it seems normal to me. n it seems you are safe.
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