24" Monitor - 2x8800GT 1gb or 2x8800gts 512mb?

The title says it all. Will the 1gb memory give better performance at 24" resolution or do the higher SP's of the 8800gts still beat it?

Also, am I right that SLi uses VRAM of only a SINGLE card?

I haven't conducted a search yet, just wondering if it's an easy answer?

OR is there a new 9800 on the way (quickly) that I should wait for?
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  1. 1GB of VRAM rarely makes any difference whatsoever, so I would say two GTS 512MB.

    Yes, SLI will only use the total VRAM of a single card.
    Well, that's all you can see, but it'll use it all.

    I'm off to bed, but I'm sure someone a little less worn out will be along shortly to explain it better.
  2. Just saw your edit. The 9900s may be out by June or July, and they look to be beasts if you can wait that long.
  3. Thanks, I've been out of the PC loop for a while, do you have any good links?
  4. Thanks for all the links, good reads.

    I guess it's 2 x 8800gts or wait until summer...always waiting for the next leap in performance...
  5. 9800GX2...if you want bragging rights.
  6. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/page-250443_33_80.html#t1813405

    Check this out too, although you'll kinda have to decide for yourself whether you think these are real or not.....
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