How to undo xp system recovery

after a system recovery, in the log in screen, windows is asking for activation. upon clicking yes (as i have a licensed computer) the wallpaper appears but no task bar or shortcut icons are displayed. i cannot do anything from this screen. any info or help would be much appreciated. Martyna
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  1. When you re-boot, try clicking on the "No" choice, or to activate by phone. You should get a screen that shows a toll-free number. Call it, it will take a little while to go through the menus, but you ought to be able to get it activated that way.
  2. thanks for the reply. that isnt an option. when clicking no. it goes to 'saving your settings' and exits. I am based in europe so I'm not sure if I should contact microsoft by phone or even if this is poss from this region. thanks again
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