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I'm planning to upgrade/ update my studio hybrid (140g) form dell.
first off I want to install win7 32 bit. currently i'm running vista 32bit.

now is my question will I notice differance betweeen vista and win7? (both 32bit), is it worth upgrading?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. It probably depends on what you are interested in. Windows 7 is largely just a refinement on many of the "under the hood" improvements made in Vista, so about the only major new feature you will see is the overhauled taskbar that borrows some of the better elements from Mac OS X's Dock.

    What you want to be sure to do, is make sure that there are Windows 7 drivers. Vista drivers should work in a pinch, but always better if they're listed as supporting Windows 7 so that they should have been tested.
  2. I ran an upgrade-check from microsoft, and win 7 is compactible with the pc.

    the main reason why i'm upgrading is preformace, but how big is the differance in speed?
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