Two new samsungs vs three wd blues for read only in raid 0

Which would be faster for read only... (sample streaming)

Two 32mb cache Samsung hd103uj 1tb sata drives in raid 0.

Three 8mb cache 320gb WD Blue's in Raid 0.

I know that three is better than one but the new samsung is so fast in read....,1730-8.html

Anybody positive enough about this to give me good advice about which to do?

Am using for music keyboard sample.. loading for piano samples and want maximum polyphony.

I could go ahead and buy another blue... and go four...

? This is my first thread at good old Toms Hardware Guide... so help a bro out. :D
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  1. Hey joojoo, I'd go for the Samsung if you just wanted speed. Though I'd rely on the WD drives, which have a better track record of reliability.
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