My First Overclock...

Hey all...

just got my hands on a barebones system .. had been held down by a Dell for years and thought it was time to move on.

anyways, i have managed to get 3903.0MHz off a stock 3200MHz Intel Pentium D 940 w/ 2 x Kingston 1024MB PC5400 DDR2 667MHz Memory @ 4-4-4-8 timings helping me reach 813MHz.

My mobo doesn't seem to allow for vCore alterations, so i'm sitting @ 1.27 Volts, and my RAM is sitting @ 1.95 V

i've attached a shot of my benchmark .. system is quite stable too.

really the only instability i'm experiencing right now while OC'd iswhen i view video, ie. youtube videos.

seems that after OC'ing my cpu and ram, my GPU went from the original 500MHz down to 35MHz .. quite a fall-off. i'm not a gamer, nor do i watch many videos online, so it's not a big deal. any thoughts on what happened there?

is a 5:3 / DRAM:FSB ratio good? i've read that a 3:2 ratio is considered one of the best .. even moreso than a 1:1.

i'm sure it's a pretty average overclock .. hoping to find a way to up the vCore.
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  1. any comments? questions? ideas?
  2. Why would your GPU decrease though? surely that just a problem with your GPU?
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