Overclocking some DDR3 to get stock speeds


Im new to overclocking, and have some issues with my RAM.

Specs are as follows (current)

Q6600 G0 2.4GHz
OCZ DDR3 1600 PC3-12800
Gigabyte EP45T-DS3R
Nvidia 9800 GTX+
880W PSU

Ok, so i was getting all worked up because my expensive DDR3 wasnt performing up to the standards i expected.
After a bit of research i discovered the RAM was tied to the FSB and CPU, and the Q6600 only has an FSB of 1066MHz, I was not a happy chappy.
I turned to overclocking to solve all my problems and i came up with the following:

Pre OC ----> Post OC
Multiplier X9 ----> X8
CPU host Frequency 266 ----> 350
CPU Frequency 2.4 ----> 2.8
Memory Frequency 1066 ----> 1400

I also set my memory timings and voltage to OCZ stock, 8-8-8-24 1.8V, everything else i left on auto, ive heared about the effects the wrong voltages can have, and i thought "ahhh well auto will do it automatically, wont it?"

right so before i overclocked I did some quick tests, and i re ran those tests after i did the overclock.

Pre OC ----> Post OC
3DMark vantage CPU 32219 ----> 34232
Sandra Memory Bandwidth 4.8GB/s ----> 6.1GB/s

Now i know I havent reached the stock of 1600MHz for my RAM, but i still shouldnt be getting half the rated bandwidth, should I?

As i said, im a total beginner and this was my first attempt at overclocking, I tried doing a 7X400 combo, to get the 1600MHz but the system wouldnt post.

If anyone can point out what im doing wrong, or give a helping hand, i would be very gratefull.
If you do fancy having a bit of a mosey, I have Photos of my BIOS settings attached, I took them during an inbetween stage of the overclock ive posted above.

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  1. fwiw I am running the ocz gold ddr3 1600 @ 1560 7-7-7-24 1.65v
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