E8400, SLI & overclocking. What MB & Memory is best?

I know that the 'E8400, what motherboard/memory?' is a common topic in most forums at the moment but I have a good idea of exactly what I want from this CPU/MB/Memory combo. I just need to know what (if any) combo could tick all the boxes.

If I can save money then I'm open to that but if I get a performance increase I'm willing to spend extra.

(I'll get a ripping for this but..) I would like SLI.

I would like to be able to overclock the E8400 to somewhere in the region of 3.6Ghz-4Ghz.

I would like to use DDR2 (2x1GB)

i.e With the rules above set. What is the best performance combo of E8400, MB & Memory that I could possibly achieve?

SLI setup will probably be 8800GTS's or 9800GTX's (Buy one now, add one later) But I'm going to wait to see what the new G260/280 etc GPU's are like & decide then.

Thanks for any replies in advance
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  1. ASUS P5N-T Deluxe with a DDR2 800 RAM with 4-4-4-x or lower timings would be a perfect combination
  2. If you can find one, the Abit IN9 32X-MAX with OCZ Reapers will sit at 3.6 all day on default voltages 3.93 is the most I've seen with any stability (so far ;) ).
  3. Yeah that ABIT is a very good board
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