Where can I find a good DVD Writer? ...and which one?

I'm building a new system and need a good internal desktop dvd writer with a black face plate. I'd also like it to have some type of labeling technology like lightscribe. I'd also like the drive to be $50 or less, but I'll pay more if I have to. I think I'd also like to have an IDE version since my new mother board only has 6 SATA connectors and would like to use all 6 for hard drives. I'll be running Windows 7 64-bit edition.

I shop on and they don't seem to have any good drives in stock! I've spent the last hour searching the web for a US based company that has good reviews, meets my criteria above, and is in stock! I'm ordering all my computer parts from newegg and now I'm considering taking a trip down to the local Best Buy and checking out what they have.
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    I recommend against IDE; it would make your burner obsolete when you buy a new system that has no IDE; and buying a controller just for an old burner isn't smart also.

    So if you buy IDE, you buy for your current system only. A cheap burner costs 25 euro or something, without labeling technology. I would suggest you go this option, or choose from a more expensive burner with lightscribe but pick SATA as you can take it with you and still be useful in the future.

    If you run 6 drives for data storage, ever thought about building a dedicated computer for storing your files, and put FreeNAS on it for example? That would allow software RAID5 for example and have your own system clean and tidy. It also centralises your data so its accessible by any on the LAN (if you want to).
  2. Good advice, thanks! Maybe I will go with sata for the reasons you state.

    I have 4 sata 200gb drives I plan to have a pair of raid 0. I'd like to do one for the OS and one for data.

    But I still am having trouble finding a good one online I'm confident in. :(
  3. Looks like the Samsung SH-S223 is what I'm looking for!
  4. Aye, does anybody know why there are NO Lite-on DVD/CD writers (non-Bluray) ANYWHERE atm? And damn few others?
  5. Liteon was getting bankrumpt i vagely recall. Anyway try NEC drives, theyre good.
  6. I guess DVD prices are going up then lol.
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