New to OC'ing

Hey there.

Im new to over clocking so here goes. My PC isnt all that but as im only 16 it is some were to start off at and i have "tried" to over clock it.

system specs:

AMD athlon 64 x2 5000+ 2.6ghz (over clocked @ 2.8ghz 13x 217mhz)
Geforce 8800GTS 320mb (over clocked @ 630/920)
2gb ddr2 667 ram (can run at 880 but dont know how to?)
Windows Vista

My cpu runs idle at around 49-53c on stock cooler, havnt test it yet under load but will get back to that.My df
My gpu runs idle about 50-55c and havnt seen it over 63c under load.
I over clocked my gpu using rivertuna and over clocked my cpu via BIOS.

If needed i could post a few screenies of things if that could help?

Was just wondering if all of what i have stated is fine and all advice is appreciated :)

Cheers, Stu.
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  1. Just OC'ed my gpu to 675/972, ran 3dmark06 stable no problems. Ran fan on 70% and it automatically switches to 100% at about 59c and on the test i didnt think the core temp got higher than 61c? :p
  2. your temps seem a bit high?

    Also your chip should go higher than 2.8

    I have the same one and I just OC'ed it to a 3.1 and I still had room to go
  3. Hmm Im running on stock cooling but i do know that when my room gets a bit hot it affects my case alot. And yea i will try pushing it abit more just thinking on will my gpu be fine at the current clocks if anyone could shine a light on this?
  4. Also what temps you runnging at, idle and under load? stock cooling or not?
  5. Stu, Manofice,
    Welcome to THG
    Your OC looks decent, Temps are OK on GPU , although your CPU's temp. is a bit high. Don't think I would push it any further without better cooling. Or maybe you could try a new application of thermal paste (Artic 5 or better). Aftermarket cooling would be best to get a little more MHz out of your present set-up.
  6. Thank you :D

    Yea, a new cooler and new paste is what im gonna get next weekend so will get back to you guys on the new temps :)
  7. I think ive found how to change my cpu speed, changed the fans voltage to 6.0V?
  8. **CPU fan speed, damn it wont let me edit my posts ¬,¬
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