best graphics card for photoshop editing?

I am looking to upgrade my graphics card for phootshop editing.
I currently have an ATI HD 2600XT. Is there a better card for photo editing?
Price is not an issue.
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  1. Photoshop is CPU heavy, not GPU heavy. There is really no need to upgrade your GPU just for photo editing.
  2. ^what he said, Photoshop benefits from memory, multiple CPU's or cores, and a fast hard drive. Doesn't take much of a GPU at all, as it's not a 3D application.
  3. So, more RAM memory is best?
  4. Yessir. more memory and more cpu power will make your day.
  5. I agree with runswindows95 Photoshop is more CPU and RAM bound than GPU bound. Get at least 2GB+ RAM and a Q6600 (even better when OCed) or better (ie Q9300)
  6. Thanks guys!!
  7. Geforce 4 MX just flies with photoshop :)
  8. I thought that edited large images in photoshop benefitted from having a lot of video memory???? I had heard that 512mb on your card can free up more system ram, but maybe im wrong.
  9. Good question, I know adobe reader can use the video card for basic 2d acceleration. But even older cards can do that.

    I honestly have used PS (CS mind you) on a computer with a 64 meg video card(geforce4 go 440) and did not notice any difference over my 8800gtx in that app. Now a cpu + memory upgrade yields noticeable performance increase on most actions. Some filters are still single threaded(or they are in older versions) so they will not get as much of a boost.
  10. I use Photoshop a lot and if you want to improve performance get more ram and a faster processor. Like a q6600,q6700, e8400, or 9450. Minimum 2gigs, I would get 4gigs since its pretty cheap right now. Even with 32bit 4gigs will help. I would think the 2600XT should be sufficient.,384.html?p=1273%2C1267%2C1270%2C1269%2C1264%2C1263%2C1262%2C1308%2C1259%2C1307%2C1305%2C1258%2C1290%2C1295%2C1237%2C1288%2C1224%2C1232%2C1277%2C1229%2C1222%2C1276%2C1219%2C1314
  11. CS3, (or earlier) + 32bit xp/vista can't utilize mor than app. 3Gb of RAM. Multiple cores is supposed to be supported in CS3.

    But if you switch to 64bit vista (not XP x64) you can use over 3/4Gb of ram with CS4, and it will run faster.

    The release of CS4 is the only reason for me to switch to Vista.
  12. Oh, snap.
    As CS4 has some 3d editing features, it will use your graphicscard. So I guess the propper conf. for a CS4 system would be a fast (multicore) processor, lots of ram, a good GFXcard and Vista 64bit. :S
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