Computer Turns on but i get Black Screen

Hi basically when i turn on my computer it runs for 2 seconds then turns off but after i start again the computer keeps running but my monitor remains black,seems like it doesnt get any SIGNAL. I have tried with dedicated video card. Still its the same issue. I tried swapping the ram. I dont get the Bios or Post Screen. The optical drive and hard drive is spining up and my monitor is fine. Could it be the CPU or motherboard went Bad. Its a Backup computer that is having issue with intel DG965WH Motherboard with black screen on integrated video x3000 and PCIE dedicated card. Iam typing from the Main Computer with same monitor. And No its was not overclocked you know intel. They dont allow overclocking on there brand motherboards almost on all there boards. The motherboard was sitting in a box for almost a year. So i thought lets boot tis motherboard with E6600 cpu. The darn thing thing shows light on motherboard indicate its working with Led. Now i just dont know if its the cpu or not. Because this motherboard had a issue with turning on and off in 2 seconds last year. So i ignored that. And i turned it on second time. No monitor screen or anything. Maybe i might reset the cpu. Will that fix the issue or the motherboard got shorted when i was trying to push the heatsink pins in. I just hate the Lga 775 push pins style heatsinks. They should povide with backplate on stock cooling. Because this could cause a demage to board too. I hope it was not from it. Bye
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  1. You could try reseating all the components and see if that works, on just run the minimum, the ram, video, cpu, and see if it posts.
  2. I tried the darn thing still dont post. I think this problem has been seen on forums like with this board DG965WH.
  3. Please list full specs. Including PSU.
  4. Cpu: E6600 with stock cooler
    Memory: Kingston 667MHZ 3GB ram. The ram works good i have tested it on main pc.
    Harddrive: 80Gb
    Optical Drive: Nec 1550A
    Motherboard: DG965WH
    Fan: 120mm fan.
    PSU 600Watt Thermaltake W0129ru

    The motherboard went on Smoke Litterly i flipped the psu to off. I will never buy a intel brand motherboard again. This board had a issue in the first place from starting last year. I did 4 flashes in a month on intel board. I dont know how i managed to keep it stable last year for 1 and half months. Then i bought a Gigabyte Board for overclocking. Since intel motherboards dont allow overclocking. I put this board on side. So i decided to see if it posts yesterday. It never posted and it decided to go on Smoke today. The motherboard side thats burned is black now. I guess i will throw in the Garbage. There is no point in rma this junk. So basically i might get a new motherboard from Asus for backup pc. Bye
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