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I purchased a Seagate sata hardrive for my laptop computer. The problem was that my current harddrive is ata hardrive. So i went to and bought the adapter that turns a sata into a ata hardrive to connect to my laptop. Now when i put the new hardrive in i get a black screen error saying PXE-E61 Media Test Failure Check Cable. I have tried switching stuff around in bios but nothing. Then I try to boot from the windows vista disk to install on the hardrive and it doesn't reconize it being there. Now i can hear the harddrive running and it seems like it is running fine but I NEED HELP CAUSE THIS SUCKS.
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  1. The PXE... message means it was trying to boot from your network. Its doing that because it found no hard drive in your computer. So your SATA->PATA converter seems to be not working.

    You said the drive had power and you can hear it running. Did you check the jumper configuration of the drive? Is it set to master? Are there any jumpers/options on the SATA->PATA converter?
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