External HD originally used in OSX, can files now be transferred to XP

I have a Macbook and bought a 750GB Iomega external HD. I originally used the HD with my Macbook and put a lot of files on there. When beginning it never asked me to format the drive or what type of formatting to use. I recently got my PC working again running Windows XP SP3 and I want to transfer the files onto that computer for use. When I plug in the HD it is recognized and is in device manager. It is not assigned a drive letter however, Windows says the entire HD is unallocated. Any way to get files onto XP machine without moving them all somewhere else? I don't have another HD big enough to hold them all at one time besides my PC.
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  1. The drive is "unallocated" because it uses a file format not readable by Windows. Here's what you can do: connect the external drive to a Mac, copy everything to the Mac's hard disk, then reformat your hard disk. Make sure the format is FAT32, one of the few formats that work both on Macs and Windows PCs. Copy back the files, and reconnect to your new computer. Voila! Hope this helps!
  2. Pickup a cheap router/hub, network the 2 together and simply pass the files over.
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