m3a32-mvp deluxe.. any known issues?

just bought this mb, and dont know if there is any known errors with it or any known probs, would appreciate if anyone has any info on this mb and if there is any issues if anyone has any fixes for it would be greatly appreciated.. and i dont have it runnin just yet, still waitin for the rest of the comp parts to come in, got a phenom 9850 be/m3a32-mvp/ system, and will have 2x 500 gig seagate barracuda sata raided/4 gig 1066 mem .. thats when it dun
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  1. hiiii
    plz some help
    my pc M.b:asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe-wifi
    cpuhenom 9500
    vga:ati hd 3870 xpert vision
    ram:1gb pc800
    i was happy when i had this pc but it getting hot very fast specially during game like beowulf,call of duty4 .i suspect with vga card but when i test it on my freind cpu it was great and heat didnt axceed 60 c by any way.althout i found it on my pc 57 without any playing and tempreture reach 70c and more on game ,almost time it stop
    i was surprised when i found my the tempreture of my motherbord is 50c and proccesor 48c although i didnt do any overclock with my system
    i flashed my bord with new bios 1102
    so plzzzzzzzzzzz help me
    thank u
  2. To eyme_coster download rivtuner 2.9 and set fan speed to 60% on the fixed setting, hope this helps
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