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Well, nice long title i know.
So my question is... Is there a case that will have good cooling and will be quiet and cheap?
I am just going to have a O.C'ed q6600 3.0Ghz. And possibly 3-4 Sata hard drives, and a video card with external exhaust port
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  1. Antec 900 is supposed to be really good. Antec, Coolermaster, and Thermaltake are all good brands. Lian Li is also good but very expensive.
  2. In general cool and quiet are mutualy exclusive. Airflow required for cooling makes noise. Sound dampening materials usualy inhibit airflow.
    Good airflow "budget" cases :
    Cooler Master 690
    Cooler Master "Centurion" 590
    Antec Nine Hundred
    Antec Three Hundred

    Very quiet case with less airflow : Antec P182
  3. You may want to try the NXTZ Trinity.

    It costs $99 which is not exactally cheap but you have to consider:
    - The price includes 6 case fans
    - It has internal covers to hide your cabling
    - It can hold up to 8 hard drives

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