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My setup is 2off Samsung 500Gb SATA RAID 1 (mirrored) for data storage and 160Gb SATA system & games disc. A few months ago one of these three developed an occassional loud clicking sound. From observations of HD activity mainly through the virus checking I'm fairly certain it's on of my 500Gb data storage discs but which one. It appears to relate to the heads visiting particular parts of the platters. The Samsung utility seems rather basic and hasn't helped at all in the diagnosis and I can't find a contact to e-mail on their website. Further internet searching has confirmed that this is probably due to the heads being faulty & being indicative of a future/pending failure. The clicking is certainly occuring more frequently.

Here's the question; is there a utlitiy that can simply exercise a HD so that I can postively identify the noisy faulty culprit & send back to Sumsung under warranty.

Many thanks.
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  1. Since you're running RAID1, why not disconnect one of the 500GB and operate the other in degraded mode. Run virus checking (or whatever) on it and see if it clicks. 50/50 chance.
  2. Hi Wuzy, Many thanks for your idea. I'd thought along those lines but was trying to avoid doing that as, on a previous occassion when one of the SATA cables became partially dislodged (big hands in a tight area) the RAID controller decide upon appropriate reconnection (power off, re-boot etc) that my array needed rebuliding which took forever; several hours. But if I have no other potentially less painful alternative I'll certainly try out your suggestion in the next day or two. Thanks again. Regards.
  3. You could operate the HDDs externally, with the case open, cables dangling out etc. (then you can hear the clicking more easily too)
    Whatever works.

    Good luck.
  4. Good lateral thinking, I like that; simple but effective. I get annoyed sometimes with my "tramline thinking". I'll post how it goes. Thanks once again. Regards
  5. Hard Drives now all line up on the outside of my "box", in the same orientation as when in the HD cradle in the case i.e. on their edge. As an aside I've often wondered whether there is a recommended / preferred orientation for HDs. I shouldn't be surprised they are all performing fine with the expected noise levels, as happen before after I had gone poking around inside looking for the same problem. This looks like it could be "a loing game", which I don't mind as all the other components can enjoy cooler air with the side off; we've current experiencing a heat wave in most parts of the UK. Regards
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