How can i overclock my abit ip35 pro xe?

Hi, i know a bit about overclocking, i succesfully got my asus p5n-e sli to 3ghz with a q6600 GO!

Anyway ive got this new abit ip35 pro xe motherboard mainly for overclocking, ive never seen a bios as complex as this. Generally ive heard its best to overclock in the bios and not in windows, but aBit has this program called uGuru.

Here is my system - built by myself, my second ever custom pc :D

700W OCZ GameXStream
Abit IP35 Pro XE
Q6600 GO Stepping - ThermalRight Ultra 120 (currently sat at 32,31,31,27) - Arctic-MX2 Paste
4x1Gb DDR2 Corsair XMS2 @ 800Mhz
8800GT 1GB

Now i had a quick attempt at overclocking in the bios to 3.2Ghz with no success, i got a quick BSOD on the windows is loading screen before restarting iteself. Ive already buggered my p5n-e board by overclocking and flashing, id rather overclock using the guru software if possible.

Here are the parameters im not sure what to put:

CPU Core: im guessing 1.32v-1.4v??
DDR2 Voltage: 2.1?
ICH 1.50v Voltage: ?
MCH 1.25v Voltage: ?
PCIEClk: 100

Please help me i dont want this motherboard to screw up aswell thanks!
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  1. forgot to add when i install this cpu in this board, there was fluff or something stuck in the socket. i couldnt get it out so i left it there, could this cause me any problems?
  2. Just been reading and my bios reports cpu temps at least 15-20c more then CoreTemp/Everest. I read to fix this i need to flash to latest bios, can i do this through windows i dont have a floppy drive.

    I only have a sata dvd drive, if it can be done via usb dongle then i will buy one.

    Thanks again!

    Ignore this post - i just flashed it using the flashmenu tool, phew im glad its done, and the bios now reports correct temps :)
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