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I am seriously considering the Jetway HA04- Extreme as my next MOBO for my Spider Platform BUT!! I'm curious as to how high the Multiplier can go because I plan on having the 9850 Black Edition @ 3.0 GHz by setting the Multiplier to 15.

I can't find any website that even has a review of the board. Is their anyone out there who knows someone (or who owns the HA04 Extreme) that can answer this question for me?
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  1. The 9850 BE's stock multiplier is 12.5x. I think 15 is a reasonable thing to expect, since the X2 6400+ has a multiplier of 16. Getting the 9850 to 3.0GHz stable is quite a goal. Good luck with that.

    Unless there is a particular feature you love about this Jetway board I would pick a different brand (there's a cheaper DFI on newegg, or a Gigabyte).
  2. What I like about the Jetway is the DIY clear feature :bounce: (how I can clear the cmos by just pushing a button on the I/O panel). And I also like the POST LED :D so I can know exactly what's going on without any guess work.

    If your talking about the DFI Lan Party I though about that board. The MSI K9A2 Platinum was my other choice. But I'll be temped to fill all the PCIe slots with video cards if I get the DFI or the MSI. That's money I really don't want to spend (as well as a temptation I know I can't fight).

    I've read ALOT :pfff: of reviews about the struggle to keep the 9850 stable at 3 GHz.
  3. Multiplier can go as high as the CPU can go. The multiplier isn't set by the mobo but rather by the CPU.
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