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Ok guys heres my problem.

Yesterday I was looking at newegg and browsing the internet so I was going to turn on some music but for some reason when I clicked on a song it said it couldnt' find the song. Then whenever I tried opening programs or doing anything on my computer (even trying to shut down) it would freeze or the mouse icon turned to the circle icon. Then I decided to manually shut down and restart well it only takes about 20 minutes to startup now and this morning I tried to startup and it said something about checking the c: hard drive and it kept getting stuck while checking it. So my question is can I burn the windows 7 beta onto a dvd and somehow install it even though I already have vista? Is there a way to install it and erase everything on my c: drive?

Thanks for your help!
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  1. So any HDD activity suddenly slowed down to a crawling speed is that correct?
    Check the health your HDD for any errors by using a bootable utility from your HDD manufacture first.
  2. Well it did a C: drive check with NTFS something last night, and this morning when I woke up to check it it said put in recovery disk or something like that. I just don't want to have to drive an hour just to go get my recovery disk in storage at my parents. Thats why I was wondering if I could install windows 7. I'll try to find a utility this morning and see if that works, although I think the hdd has gone AWOL!
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